**Newly Wed here!

I know we are to be “fruitful,” but we do want some sort of limit on the number of children we have.

As I understand it there are 3 different ways to practice NFP.

  1. Mucous Testing

  2. Taking your temperature daily. On the days that are your fertile days, your temperature should be 0.9 degrees higher than non-fertile days

  3. Using a Fertility test

Then there is also counting the days and estimating the 5 days of the month that you are most fertile. This can differ from person to person depending on their cycle.

I want to know what people recommend the most?

What have you found to work the best for you in your NFP?

Thank YOU! And God Bless **

Not knowing your financial situation, I still recommend the LadyComp. I’ve been using it since 2013 and the reason we conceived, scientifically speaking, is because we chose not to abstain in the heat of the moment in a fertile (represented in red in the LC) day. If you ask my husband (reverted Catholic), LadyComp is the only way he would trust doing NFP for postponing pregnancy.

Edit: Then, just to have a visualization of the temperatures, we use OvuView app to see the chart, and I sometimes input my mucous in the app if I happen to see any kind of mucus on the tissue paper. I have one pdf I wanna share, I’ll upload it from my computer.

I share the best resource for me that explains how to do NFP.

There are three observations signs of fertility: mucus, cervical position, and basal-body temperature.

There are also hormonal observations, which a fertility monitor can detect.

The scientific methods of NFP include:

Creighton - external mucus observation only (Creighton method users can also cross check with temperature observations if needed)

Billings - internal mucus observations and cervical position observations

Sympto-Thermal - mucus, cervical position observations and basal-body temperature observations

Marquette - Creighton observations plus use of a fertility monitor

Calendar rhythm, standard days method, and cycle beads do not use scientific observation of fertility signs. They rely on averages. I suggest you stay away from such methods.

Also, temperature only is not a method for avoiding and neither is fertility monitor only.

You have to place your trust completely in God; only he shuts and opens the womb. He will not give you more children than you can handle. You are not allowed to frustrate the conjugal act- simply enjoy the marital embrace and leave everything to the LORD.


To “get your feet wet,” I highly recommend the book* Taking Charge of Your Fertility*, which is a secular book but covers the “how-to” of sympto-thermal very well, especially if you are healthy.

There are also apps like Kindara or OvuView that can work on a smartphone, or you can use a website like Fertility Friend.

Natural family planning does not “frustrate the conjugal act”. Spacing children through periodic or complete continence is 100% in line with Church teaching.

The Church has never taught Providentialism. The Church teaches **both **responsible parenthood and generosity to life.

What is providentialism?

I have a question, OP,

Why are you looking into NFP now, as a newly wed? It may have been wiser to have started looking into this 3-6 months ago. With several of the methods, if you’re going to chart at all, you’ll need to set a base line and you may require complete abstince before you figure that out. I just want to warn you that it might be rough (and NFP is no walk in the roses to begin with).

That said, we’ve had a fair amount of success with the Creighton Model.


Yes, because teenagers who embrace Feeneyism and flirt with Sedevacantism are the best qualified people to speak on this topic. :rolleyes:

Yeah, just resort to an ad hominem attack, that’s very mature of you.

:tsktsk:This is really no one’s business except the OP’s.

There’s nothing ad hominem about pointing out that teenage males with heterodox religious views are not the best sources of advice on Catholic views of NFP, just as there is nothing ad hominems in saying that I am not the best person to perform a brain surgery or rule on matters of Canon law. :smiley:

This is true. In our case, my husband (fiancé at the time) bought me the Lady comp 1 month prior the wedding, because it is recommended in the manual that it should have at least past menstruation data, and a month of temperatures, so it can give more “green lights” instead of many yellows.

But it is what it is, the OP can’t go back in time.

In that case, why do you accept Francis to be qualified as a Pope when he praises Judaism, paganism, Islam, says Jews are God’s chosen people, said Jews Christians and Muslims worship the same God?

I am a newlywed too! We have been married for 11 days :smiley:

We use the sympto thermal method, learned through the archdiocese of Boston. I feel like it has been very clear for when I am fertile vs infertile so I really like this method. My cycles are not quite regular and vary from 20-30 days but I feel confident in using both temperature as well as mucous to figure out my fertile times. So far it has worked, haha.

If you have any questions about it, send me a message and I can scan you the sheets I was given.

Totally irrelevant to the question of NFP, which was first officially sanctioned under Pope Leo XIII. :stuck_out_tongue:

So who’s the Pope according to you?

I’ve pointed this out before, but in various times and places up until about the 17th-18th century, it was common for the Church to command marital couples to abstain from sexual relations, and to observe continence and increased prayer, during all of Advent and Lent; and on various weekdays during the rest of the year. This is still the discipline in many Eastern Rites.

Nowadays, just as with other kinds of fasting and abstinence, the Church usually leaves it up to married couples to decide for themselves.

But it is Biblical, and it goes back to St. Paul and to Jewish custom and law. God doesn’t demand that married couples constantly have sex.


I wish they’d bring back traditions such as that. They make more sense than “do whatever penitential act you want on a Friday”. :wink:

First, to address this frankly, it’s really none of your business.
Second, We have been looking into this since we got engaged. And I kept a chart of my cycles, mucus observations and temperature on my own spreadsheet. HOWEVER, I see there are apps and devices and all sort of gadgets out there.

My question is what gadgets or systems have people used and have found successful? What have you used and did not like?

We talked about this with our priest and during our pre-cana classes. It doesn’t change the fact that I want to know what other NFP practices people are using and are finding success with.

Thank you all who offered your suggestions. We are looking into buying Cyclotest. I want to avoid “clear blue” fertility testing because you have to use sticks that you constantly have to purchase. We would like to keep the cost down BUT still have the efficacy needed to plan our family. Lady Comp looks good, but a bit pricey for our liking.

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