NH Gay Marriage Compromise - Governor says he approves

Not good news - the vote is scheduled for June 3rd.

Catholic Governor Lynch says he approves the compromise.


Negotiators Friday rejiggered one sentence and one word in a trailer to the same-sex marriage bill — changes that no one thought were terrifically significant, except for that the ability of gay and lesbian couples to marry in New Hampshire may ride on how those changes play in the House next week.

House and Senate negotiators tweaked the language of a bill that Gov. John Lynch has said must pass before he will sign a bill legalizing same-sex marriage that has already passed the House and Senate. (Without the trailer bill, Lynch has told reporters, he will veto the same-sex marriage law.)** The Lynch amendment, which spells out protections for religious groups, failed in the House two weeks ago by just two votes, 188-186**, spurring Friday’s negotiation to finesse the bill before it goes to another vote in the House June 3…

Much in Friday’s negotiation hinged on Republican Rep. Tony DiFruscia of Windham, one of only a handful of swing voters on the same-sex marriage issue. He voted against the Lynch amendment but in favor of sending the bill for further negotiations. DiFruscia suggested adding a sentence to the preamble and changing one “and” to an “or,” to match up with current law…

If you live there, e-mail your legislatures and tell them to stop this



And the governer.

I’ll be praying to stop this.

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