NH Priest Pleads Guilty To Theft ($300,000)


Part of the money stolen, according to prosecutors, was used to fund a lavish lifestyle for Arsenault and a male musician with whom he had an adult relationship. The musician, identified as Luke Parkin, lives in Florida but is believed to have ties to Massachusetts.

According to articles, he had a gay boyfriend and was the bishop’s top lieutenant in handling sex abuse.

A New Hampshire priest who was the former leader of one of the nation’s top clergy treatment centers was sentenced Wednesday to serve at least four years in prison for stealing $300,000 from a hospital, a dead priest’s estate and the state’s Roman Catholic bishop.


Arsenault had been McCormack’s top lieutenant, handling both the clergy sexual abuse crisis and orchestrating the church’s new child protection policies. Bishop John Libasci, in a statement issued on behalf of himself and McCormack, said Arsenault stole more than money.

The former high-ranking Catholic Church official now under investigation for improper use of church funds earned a $169,900 salary at his job at a Maryland treatment facility, where he abruptly resigned last week…

“Priests who hold executive positions in fields such as health care and academia typically are paid a salary commensurate with that field during their service,” said Susan Gibbs, a spokesman for St. Luke.


As a priest, he earned a little over 19,000 but in his current health care position he earned $169.000.:shrug:

It get worse.:confused:

In 2009, Arsenault took a $170,000-a-year position as CEO of St. Luke’s, a rehab center in Silver Spring, Md., that became known for treating priests who had sexually abused children. The center deals primarily with priests, nuns and brothers who have a range of other issues, such as depression, anxiety and addictive behaviors.

Have you heard of the 3 Monkeys.

Speak no Evil, See no Evil, Hear no Evil.

Why do you feel the need to use the Forum for Gossip ?

You only concern is gossip. He pleaded guilty.

This man held a very high position, had a gay lover and was in charge of so many things including a facility that deals with sexual abuse. This case has scandalized the church in NH.

Greed is a horrible thing that afflicts people. I was once employed at a car rental agency and we had a boss that made $65,000 per year plus bonuses. He was caught stealing $10 per week out of the petty cash fund and lost his job. :shrug:

Greed may be one factor. He is 52 years old and his boyfriend is age 30 and this relationship has been on-going for some time.

— The one-time top-ranking priest in the Diocese of Manchester, the Rev. Msgr. Edward J. Arsenault III, was sentenced to four years in New Hampshire State Prison Wednesday by a judge who urged him to do good in prison.


Arsenault’s sentence could be as long as 20 years, but most of the sentence is suspended or deferred. He could be eligible for a halfway house or home confinement, Young said.

So how much time does he actually get in prison? Does his sentence get reduced for good behavior?

No, this is a white collar crime, so he will actually spend very little time in prison. But if he violates the law again he may face hard time since the court & DA will tire of him

Nobody is perfect but :ouch: :stretcher:

Church attendance is down and these things really throw church goers :shrug:There is no justice if he receives no or little jail time.

I guess the retired bishop can’t do much about this but his statement is…

In a separate statement, retired Bishop John McCormack, who headed the Manchester diocese from 1998 to 2011, said: "The revelation of these charges is disheartening to me and many people who know or benefited from the service and ministry of Arsenault these many years.

“For those who have been directly affected by the actions with which he is charged, I pray for them, that they may find peace,” he said. “For Msgr. Arsenault, I pray for him too that he will find peace as he seeks to make recompense in a spirit of repentance.”

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