NHL Suspending Season Amid Coronavirus Concerns

NHL Suspending Season Amid Coronavirus Concerns


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12 Mar 2020 Nreitbart News

The NHL is following the NBA’s lead and suspending its season because of the coronavirus pandemic.

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman announced Thursday it is pausing its season, one day after the NBA suspended play after a player tested positive Wednesday for COVID-19. . . .

. . . The NHL is halting play with 189 games left in the season and uncertainty about how many more — if any — could be played before the playoffs. A handful of European hockey leagues have already called off the remainder of their seasons.

“We will continue to monitor all the appropriate medical advice, and we will encourage our players and other members of the NHL community to take all reasonable precautions — including by self-quarantine, where appropriate,” Bettman said. “Our goal is to resume play as soon as it is appropriate and prudent, so that we will be able to complete the season and award the Stanley Cup.” . . .

So, the Corona Virus is not a hoax?


redal . . .

So, the Corona Virus is not a hoax?

What in the world are you talking about here??

Now I know what YOU are talking about ThinkingSapien.

But that still does not answer my question of what redal was talking about.

Why not let him answer for himself?

Because obvious doesn’t need a reply.


You mean one post into a thread about the NHL and Corona Virus,
my thread has already been hijacked
to President Trump??

Why are you doing this to my threads redal?

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I’m sorry for responding, Cathoholic…its just something I always thought was part of being a participant in social media…when I have thoughts that I really don’t care what other people think about, I use my notepad application instead of the internet.

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redal on mybquestion regarding incorporating President Trump into athread about the National Hockey League and Corona Virus almost immediately . . .

. . . its just something I always thought was part of being a participant in social media . . .

Yeah. I am figuring that out. You DO think that is part of it.

Maybe not explicitly, but that only leaves one of two other options…He implied it was a hoax, or the confusion was caused by ignorance…I choose to give him the benefit of the doubt and say he knew what he was implicitly saying.

but, arguably it’s what he thought…but regardless, thank you for granting me permission to have an opinion!

On the bright side, I’m still trying to wash the taste of last season’s playoffs from my mouth, and the extra time won’t hurt with that. I might be ready to try the next Stanley Cup Playoffs whenever they occur, assuming it gets delayed.

On the downside, the MLB is also delaying their season start, meaning another couple weeks at least before we all get to start booing the Astros.

Edit: Also hope Mitchell and Gobart (Utah Jazz, NBA) get better, along with anyone else who got infected. (I don’t follow the NBA that closely.)


He is highly skilled at crafting statements that have multitudes of interpretations. Well, that is if it is intentional. If it is unintentional then it is poor communication. In either case Trump isn’t the person to go to for clear unambiguous statements.

Teleprompter-Trump does a great job with speeches though.

Just realized that this thread has turned into another debate about Trump, making my comment seem off-topic. To commemorate, here’s a visual representation:



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