Nicaragua: Complete ban on abortion violates Torture Convention

Amnesty International :

Nicaragua: Complete ban on abortion violates Torture Convention

Amnesty International today urged the Nicaraguan authorities to act upon the UN Committee against Torture call for Nicaragua to review its complete ban on abortion with a view to including exceptions to the total prohibition.

After reviewing the situation in Nicaragua against the obligations of the state under the Convention against Torture, the UN Committee concluded that the State Party should revise its legal framework in relation to abortion. The expert Committee observed that the complete ban gave them cause for profound concern, as it exposes women and girls to a constant threat of serious violations to their rights, particularly if continuation of the pregnancy posed a threat to their life, or for victims of rape.

“The Committee is sending a clear message to the Nicaraguan state: So long as the complete ban with no exceptions is in place, you will be in breach of your international legal obligations to protect human rights,” said Widney Brown, Senior Director, International Law and Policy at Amnesty International. “If this complete ban were to stay, women and girls would continue to be at risk of torture, cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment. Such inaction would show a cruel indifference to the physical pain, psychological anguish and lack of human dignity this law causes women and girls in Nicaragua to suffer by denying and thwarting their access to essential medical treatment during pregnancy.”

That was a quick downhill slide. If memory serves Amnesty didn’t used to take any position on abortion until about five years ago, now they’re threatening sovereign countries with being in violation of international treaties if they don’t allow abortion.

When can we quit the UN and get out of all the international treaties we’re signatories to?

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