Nice Book on the Holy Angels


I hope this will be of use to some people.


I’m getting a dead link when I click :frowning:


Works for me.


It’s suddenly working for me again now too


250 pages! Thank you @SeriousQuestion


If anybody’s interested - " All About Angels " is a great book.
Ebay for only 5 bucks. A snall book. ( By Fr. Paul O Sullivan )

Then read along with it - to the YouTube recitation of it.
I was shocked at how alive I became by this.
It’s about 4 hours.


Interesting - thank you.


Thank you SQ!
Bookmarked and shared.
1869 ,it would be a beautiful book to own.


If you read 36 pages a day, it will be finished in a week.


Thanks for sharing! I have a hard copy of the one by Fr. Paul. I have read the ebook several years ago, the one you shared. Very interesting.


On the part of the novena, it mentions public calamities so maybe this would be a good practice considering the scandals.


Beautiful. Wish they still made them like this.


You might also want to read Peter Kreeft’s “Angels & Demons”. Best book on the topic of Angels that I have ever read.


Thank you, @SeriousQuestion. It looks like a great read!

Thank you also to the others for their Angel book recommendations, as well. I am always interested in reading anything regarding information on Angels.

Thanks again! :slightly_smiling_face:

God bless all of you!


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