Nice Cash Song

Just discovered this Johnny Cash song that i thought is really good. Its apparantly one of his more popular songs so if your a fan then you probably already know it but oh well i’ll just drop it down here anyway:

songs called “God’s gonna cut you down”

It’s an old folk song of some sort, i don’t think Cash wrote it.

Yes, that is a great song. One of Cash’s best (although as you say, he didn’t actually write it).


I’m probably one of the few people who think that his performance of “Hurt” was his best. It is an excellent treatment of the human condition. BTW, you don’t have to be a depressed nihilist to appreciate it. My wife hates it.

Ah Hurt was great also. I love how its slow but then speeds up at the end and then just stops. thats art.

That’s not really my cup of tea, but the pictures are very good. :slight_smile:

now there’s an oldie but goodie, thought I recognized the Odetta song’s_Gonna_Cut_You_Down
I assume OP is of the younger gen

this is a real folk song, as opposed to the ersatz variety still performed in some churches

not a Cash fan but he has a couple of good ones, my favorite would have to be the Cadillac song, since I once worked in a Caddy plant

Loved Johnny Cash!

The album “Johnny Cash Unchained” is amazing. It was one of the last albums he did, and I believe it won all kinds of awards.

The song “Spiritual” is my favorite on the album–very beautiful. Here is a link to a YouTube version:

Cash was one of those performers who transcend genre. Don’t care for most country, but Cash, I love.

He never got the respect he was due from the more ‘mainstream’ country establishment. There are probably more Rockers who list him as an influence than today’s country singers…

Of course, now that he’s passed on, Nashville isn’t quite so scared of him.

For my money, his ‘American IV’ album may be the single best [non- ‘greatest hits’] recording ever made. Stark, powerful, honest. Equal to anything of the legendary vocalists like Piaff or Billy Holiday. People will still be talking about it decades from now.

‘American V’ OTOH, really shouldn’t have been released. A sad attempt to milk a corpse.

What did you think of the movie Walk the Line?

Others can also answer this question, too. I only addressed it to Sam Maloney because he knows about Johnny Cash’s accomplishments.

I hated the movie. I went to see it because I love Robert Patrick (who played Johnny Cash’s daddy, Ray Cash). Robert Patrick drove all over South Carolina and Georgia (with his family) to research his part, and talked to several people who actually knew Ray Cash and his family. I think Mr. Patrick was amazing in the movie. But I thought the screenplay was awful. Too “hoppy.” It would have been better to do Johnny Cash’s life movie as a mini-series on HBO, and stretch it out over eight weeks. Johnny Cash is too BIG and lived too much LIFE to squeeze into a 90 minute screenplay. JMO.

Love the song. Love Johnny Cash. BTW - The cadillac song is One Piece at a Time.

I didn’t see the movie, didn’t want to-- I figure I know everything I need to about him from the music, so I didn’t need the movie.

But I do like Robert Patrick as an actor.

Count me in “the few”. I love the video for it, too.

Cash singing Nine Inch Nails is a far cry from Anka singing Soundgarden.

“God’s Gonna Cut You Down” is very good (and it was from American V, actually), as is “Hurt”. The music video for the latter is incredible; I believe it won (or was nominated for) a music video Grammy the year it was released. Cash was dying as he recorded that song, and you can tell from watching the video that he knew it; ironically, his wife June, who also shows up in the video and looks far healthier than her husband, died three months before he did of a heart attack.

“The Man Comes Around” from American IV is an interesting song, one of Cash’s own compositions. It’s based on a dream he had and contains lots of quotations from St. John’s Book of Revelations.

to be fair he didnt write the majority of his songs. billy joe shave wrote almost half. he also had other song writers. i believe david allan coe even wrote a couple.

that is all besides the point though greta singer great song.

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