Nice moment on The Office

On tonight’s episode of The Office, one of the workers, Oscar, was talking about how their office would never succeed with two bosses. Go ahead, name another country that has two leaders? he asked. He used analogies with boats having two captains, then said, “Where would Catholicism be without both popes?”

It seemed like a nod toward Catholicism, in that once the reformation hit and and we had people declaring themselves separate from the Pope’s leadership, Christianity lost some of its unity.

Not the best theology, but it def caught my interest.

I thought that was interesting, too.

Of course, the two characters on the show (that I know of) who have been revealed to be Catholic are Stanley (the crochety guy who we recently learned was carrying on an affair) and Dwight. :frowning:

Stanley and Dwight crack me up, though :stuck_out_tongue:

Wait, when did we find out Dwight was Catholic?

In “The Carpet”, Dwight tells a joke about a nun to a customer on the phone. The customer gets offended and Dwight responds “I am Catholic too.”

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