Nice News About a Catholic Actor

Nice story about Neal McDonough. It’s good to see someone stand up and be willing to give up a very lucritive (money wise) role because he is Catholic and a family man.



I’ve always liked him as an actor. Boomtown was a favorite of mine.

He’s trading lesser things (money) for higher things (heaven)

I hope many, many actors, screenwriters, directors and producers are inspired by his example. :thumbsup:

I’ve seen Mr. McDonough in two movies: Star Trek: First Contact (as an ill-fated bridge navigator) and the SyFy/SciFi Channel’s Wizard of Oz-inspired miniseries, Tin Man. In Tin Man, his role of a gruff lawman and devoted father and husband seems now, in hindsight, a reflection of the actor’s principles. God bless him.

**He was great in Band of Brothers!

Pray for him & all of the actors who try to live a decent life, they are in the Devil’s cross hairs!**

Sancta Maria, Mater Dei, Ora Pro Nobis Peccatoribus!


Interesting side note.The article says that ABC knew of him not doing sex scenes. He has a long history of of not doing sex scenes. He has either quit shows Or has been fired from shows for not doing them…So why did ABC hire him, in the first place? I think that ABC either wanted to make a hypocrite out of this man or drum up publicity for their show.
But i have been known to be paranoid :shrug:
But anyway.Congrats to him anyway. And I’m not just saying this because I’m Catholic. It’s good to see someone stand up for what they believe in…Even though it costs him money and work. Too bad all the loud mouth lefties in hollywood can’t put their money where their mouths are as well.

So he won’t do sex scenes, but he doesn’t have any problems playing a sadistic killer (I Know Who Killed Me)?

If it were me, I’d refuse to do BOTH. But I’m sure he has his reasons for accepting the latter…

But he is not you. Besides, there is a difference. While playing a role in a movie/tv show, he isn’t really killing someone, but he is really having physical contact with a woman who isn’t his wife.



I don’t disagree completely, but would note that it is acting. He could be hired (for instance) to portray characters in biblical scenes who kill. Most of us wouldn’t have an issue with that in concept.

Sex scenes are different. When explicitly shown (i.e. not merely by inference) they are pornographic. Additionally, the actors are physically engaging in sex at least at some level.

Edit: somehow I missed Orogeny’s post that says essentially the same thing. Sorry.

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