Nice surprise today

So I went to confession at my regular spot…an Italian church, not my parish.

I remember as a child this parish would sometimes pray the Novus Ordo in Latin.

Well, as I was leaving the church, I noticed in the narthex, on a table, a petition signature sheet. Low and behold, take a guess what it was…

Yep, you got it. A petition for the Tridentine mass. Now I’m not a registered parishoner of this parish, and couldn’t be for at least a few more years due to a commitment to my parish’s council, but I signed my name. As it is right now, I often attend the NO at my parish and then head across town to the TLM. If this parish offers the Tridentine, my life will be so much easier.:wink:

I think the petition was up to about 60 people. And I’m pretty sure the petition is sponsored by the parish, not some rogue traditionalist Catholics (cough, cough).:smiley:

Please say a prayer that this parish starts offering the Extraordinary Form.

You shouldn’t have signed it. You’re not a parishioner - and the petition was probably only for those who actually are parishioners. It’s dishonest in my opinion to sign.


Not necessarily. The signature of non-parishoners could also be indicative of the desire for the TLM by those who might then attend the parish for the TLM and perhaps also become registered members.

Wasn’t part of the intent of Summorum Pontificum to renew and re-engage? I think that by signing it you did the right thing. In addition, if there were 60 signatures and only half of them were from registered parishoners, the interest on the part of current parishoners is still apparent. I hope that this Church does have the opportunity to experience the beauty and sanctity of the TLM.

You are fine in signing the petition. Good work soldier! :thumbsup:
And you could still attend the TLM even if you have some “obligation” with a different parish.
If your faith is assisted by the TLM and the parish where you have your obligation does not offer it (the TLM), than you are fine in attending the TLM at the other parish.
You can still help out at the first parish’s council as long as you still stay somewhat involved with that parish. But councils, a committee etc. take a back seat to the Holy Mass. And it is a good idea to ask your confessor about this as well if he knows it to be fair for you to do as I say here.
Never Trust forum people, instead, trust an orthodox Catholic priest. :slight_smile:

Also, parish council is not always an “obligation” and I’m certain you could be disposed of that duty fairly easy if you desired. I don’t condone just “jumping ship” everwhere you go, but depending on your on faith and conscience, it may be the better thing to attend the TLM or switch parishes all together.

I know some people that are with “councils” at one parish and attend Holy Mass at another that offers the TLM. Sometimes their TLM parish does not have a council, and sometimes they do it for the benefit of their own soul. The only thing to remember is that one shold let their leaders know so that they do not get involved too much in the decisions of the parish they attend the council at if they are not active in the parish itself.

Still, ask a priest. If it were me, and the/a parish offered the TLM, I’d become a parishoner of the TLM parish. If the former parish doesn’t like that, than I’m sorry, but I’m going where my faith is assisted in an authentic Catholic discipline and atmosphere.

I’m surprised to see someone say I shouldn’t have signed the petition. I attend the TLM across town at least 3 Sundays each month, and only after going to my parish’s Novus Ordo. I always contribute to the offertory at the TLM, and never put in as much as I do at our NO. My spiritual fulfillment is more important than whether I’m a registered parishoner.

My diocese is in the midst of clustering parishes together, with the intention of closing many parishes. The parish where the TLM petition is happens to be a parish that my parish has clustered with. The clustering outline encourages interacting with the other parishes, with the exception of using each others financial resources. Not that this matters anyway, because I would have signed the petition regardless, and if my parish happens to close, then why not support the parish that is potentially going to have what fulfills me?

I joined my parish’s council because of the staleness and lack of vibrancy…hoping that I can bring some ideas to the table. I don’t want to see my parish close, but its not looking good.

BTW, the petition wasn’t addressed to only the parishoners. In fact, the petition happened to be available during the parish festival. Hmmmm…

I know what diocese you are in …

Tread lightly with your ideas on “clustering”. Appearances can be deceiving, and with this, all is not as it appears to be.


I’m not using the clustering as an excuse for signing the petition. Truthfully, I don’t expect anything substantial to happen as a result of the clustering, other than some parishes outright closing.

I think a few more than “some” …

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