Nicene Creed or Apostles Creed with Rosary


Based on Catholic Church teaching, is it acceptable to say the Nicene Creed instead of the Apostles Creed when praying the Rosary? If you use the Nicene Creed would that be considered “officially” praying the Rosary?



The Apostles Creed is traditionally used to begin the rosary, but there’s no law (canon or otherwise) that says you can’t use the Nicene Creed if you want.


I don’t think it would matter. The one is a fuller form of the other. There are cultural variances in the prayers of the Rosary anyway- some people say the Fatima prayer, some people say the St. Michael prayer, etc. etc. I’m not sure if there even is an “official” form for the Rosary, since it is an optional devotion. There are guidelines, but if you wish to substitute the Nicene Creed for the Apostle’s Creed, all will be well.



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