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I read one of these guys is a former Catholic and the other Baptist. They admit to being fundamentalist

Reading just really gets me depressed for reasons I dont’ want to go into yet. I’m insterested if anyone has any experience with them or just information.



Vocatio, if reading people like this makes you depressed then don’t read them. Why not use the time you would have spent reading the opinions of people like this to pray and get closer to Jesus and read about your Catholic Faith. The fella who ‘used to be a Catholic’ probably knew nothing about the Faith and so sold his birthright for a bowl of lentils.

I used to spend hours researching and crafting posts to refute claims against the Church until I realised that these people don’t really wish to gain knowledge; they only want scalps and so I now spend the time learning more about the scriptures and my Catholic Faith.


Thank you for your friendly advice, but I’m aware of what I’m doing.


If you’re interested.


They strike me as fundamentalist in the old-fashioned sense. Several cuts (intellectually) above most of the folks I’ve met who would call themselves fundamentalists. They appear to be Calvinists, which would explain it.

What do you find so depressing?



I’m exhausted from putting in a new floor and just tired. Don’t over interpret the “depressed” part. Depression is chronic for some anyway. If you read their posts on the link provided you’de see the don’t have much of a chance arguing with orthodox Catholics. In fact the best person putting up an logical argument is a cradle Catholic.

I’m fishing for any information that anyone has about them. It…

I prepared a long post but you just wouldn’t get it…unless you’ve been where I’ve been. Not intending to trialize your journey. it’s just that mine has been very difficult. Apologetics charges me up usually. I won’t elaborate why, for privacy reasons. I’ve posted plenty about me lamenting over my own conversion and return to Catholicism from a fundamentalist faith. It’s personal now. 90% of my family is anti-Catholic. My wife’s side doesn’t know and won’t know we’re Catholic until after my MIL passes.


Never heard of them, but like you they look pretty easy to refute. Pretty typical…:shrug:


Yeap. They have to think too much and when they come back it’s more of the same ole same ole. Unfortunately one of them is an “ex” Catholic. I’m sure they mean well. But it’s really sad to see people trying to “suck” the joy from others actively practing their faith. I respect that they beleive what the do and try to share it. But there’s a point where you just cross the line of proper Christian charity.




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