Is Nickelback ok for a 16 year old to listin to from a moral standpoint?

I’d say so (I’m not much older than 16 myself). As long as the person listening does not follow in the steps of the music (i.e., drugs, sex, etc.) it should be ok.

Some of their songs, yes. But there are a few songs of theirs that are very questionable so I’d go online and look up the lyrics of the songs if you can before you say say yes to Nickelback.

I’m not sure on that one. A lot of their songs contain reference to excessive drinking, drugs, prostitution, pre-marital sex, bribery, etc. Bascially, if it’s ‘bad’ morally they sing about it. As for whether a 16 year old should be listening to them or not, I figure that’s your decision, but I’d hesitate a little bit on that. Nickelback isn’t a group intended for younger people even though that age group seems to enjoy their music. I’m 30 and I listen to Nickelback but I’m also not going to be influenced by their lyrics.

I’d have to say they have some pretty good songs yet a few not-so-great songs… I’ve listened to them quite extensively and for me personally, my mind brushes over any lyrics about drugs and violence, but the vulgar songs about sex really peeve me. I’m 18 and haven’t listened to them for 2 years because my style of music has really grown further from rock… and us guys have enough sexual tension as it is, so i just distance myself from that kind of stuff.

Hmm, all in all, if you can screen what songs he listens to, that’d be best. The songs that i wouldn’t allow would be Figured You Out, Animals, S.E.X, and Something in Your Mouth. However, as teens get older, there is less and less parents can do, so i’m not sure how much control you have over your son. (not saying this insultingly) You will find that if you raised your son right, he will learn what is moral and not on his own grounds.

Nickelback has some great songs like If Everyone Cared and Savin Me. The problem i tend to have with them is how they could have such great songs yet be hypocritical and add a lot of junk… Maybe another reason why i willfully stopped listening to them.

Anyways, the best of luck to you and your son! God bless =D

It’s a mixed bag. Some of their songs are AMAZING. i love Your Last Day and the Day Nobody Died, and Woke up this morning, and Hero, and Far Away…but I don’t care so much for their newest songs.

Now, striclty speaking, listening to songs like So Much Cooler may not be sinful to listen to in and of itself, but from a moral point of view, they aren’t doing any GOOD either. And I dunno about you, but when I listen to those songs, I start getting thoughts I shouldn’t be having.

Some is good, some is bad. I happen to like more of their newer (“mellow” I think you’d call it) stuff than their older stuff.

Even a song like Rockstar seems to be more making fun of the rockstar/celebrity life than glorifying it though (that’s how I see it at least).

I agree. The good is great, the bad is trash. I’ve loaded the songs I like onto my MP3 player and ditched the trash. For reference, I’m 43 and let my 10-year old listen to some of the songs that are good.

I’ve done the same. From the CD’s I have, I’ve burned the good ones onto my laptop for my iPod, and the rest, not. My favorite radio station plays a pretty good mix of music, that has a lot of their older, good songs, and not TOO much of the new.

Oh, moral standpoint? I thought you meant from a taste standpoint, in which case the answer is absolutely not! :smiley:

Sorry, I just can’t stand Nickelback’s music…

:smiley: You stole my joke! :wink:

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