Nicki Minaj Mocks Christianity w/ Exorcism Performance

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Entertainment award ceremonies, along with Super Bowl halftime "performances," have long ago become freak shows. I never watch them.

I can't take them anymore either.
I don't watch the Grammy's (despite knowing that there is some wonderful talent that will be performing on the program), and I no longer, ever, watch
the Academy Awards, with the ridiculous, politically-peppered "thank you" speeches given by the award recipients. Good lord, I still remember the (very talented) actor Richard Gere, on one broadcast, solemnly sending "thoughts", via mental telepathy,
to the people of Tibet. Good lord. Give me a break.

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I rarely watch awards shows but I saw this one. It was indeed awful. Awful does not even describe it. Actually, I could have not seen the entire show and not missed a thing. But, this was demonic.

I told a friend that this was a career ender.

I never watch the Oscars. It's basically a pr show for the latest mass produced kitsch. Stars and staff thank each other and thank others for PR purposes.

The only festivals worth watching would be Cannes, Berlin, Venice, Tokyo etc. they're not as corrupt as Hollywood, and you're usually guaranteed to see a work of art if it has a Cannes logo on the DVD. Non-Anglophone film festivals usually present better films, they also have American/UK/Australian films which are superior to usual Hollywood stuff.

Grammys are a 1000 times worse. It's sycophancy all the way.

More reasons for me to continue disliking Nicki Minaj. Celebrities are nothing more than attention hogs trying to keep their name in the presses as long as they can. In ten years, no one will remember who she is, or care. :)

Yea this is frankly disturbing.

That performance had me reach for my remote to turn off the show, not that I wasn't tempted to much earlier with Paul McCartney, Glen Campbell, and Tony Bennet. Love them, but it would have been better to have produced video montages of their bodies of work to enjoy while letting them come up to say a few words about their awards. However, this WSJ article puts Minaj's act in perspective:

"She went on to say “My fan base, they understand every single thing because Roman was created two years ago. I’ve been writing the story for a long time and yesterday was his coming-out party. It just was very literal and streamlined if you know who Roman is and if you don’t know the Roman character, you have to digest it.”

This may not make sense to most music fans because it centers around the idea of concept albums. There are a few artists who make the effort to develop those. I suppose the "Who" and "Queen" are most famous for it with the Pinball Wizard and Bohemian Rhapsody coming from those efforts. More recently in Grammy history was the recognition of "Green Day" for "American Idiot".

Anyway, that being said, I had no clue about this Roman Zolanski charater from Minaj's rise to success. Perhaps if I did I would not have been offended. Maybe an exorcism made sense for that story line. I can't imagine the majority of the Grammy televised audience represented her fan base, though, so for me, it fell flat and it certainly did not move me to go out to purchase her series of albums to find out more.

She was dressed as a nun? LOL, I thought she was dressed as Little Red Riding Hood.

I have an answer. She is possessed!

Prudence, there are some immodest images in the video!

Watch this:

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She was dressed as a nun? LOL, I thought she was dressed as Little Red Riding Hood.


Me, too

Well, you know what they say about anti-Catholicism being the last acceptable prejudice and I believe that is true. If you are against homosexuality then you are seen as a bigot but if you are against Catholicism, you are seen as a rational person. That said, I think Nicki owes everyone an apology for this bigoted thing.

Anyone see the performance Nicki Minaj did? I heard about this on the news and it really disgusted, yet frightened me, as it was a clear opposition to God, yet the people applauded and welcomed the unholy act.

Here's a link (not my video):

Firstly I dont listen to that music, its annoying as insert 4-letter word. Cant stand.

Yeah its offensive. But its yesterdays news. We already saw Madonna's half-time thing. Also I dont care for Nicki Minaj, I find her appearance rather gross. I think Minaj was just trying to copy Madonna's thing :shrug:

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I dont care for Nicki Minaj, I find her appearance rather gross.


Exactly. I keep telling my friends she looks 'weird and dirty'. And anyway, I don't care for her kind of music as well. :rolleyes:

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She was dressed as a nun? LOL, I thought she was dressed as Little Red Riding Hood.


I thought she was dressed as a demon.

The fact that she has a record deal and people refer to what she makes as "music" offends me in and of itself. For that reason alone, I don't watch any of her performances because they sound so bad. Didn't see this one, but sounds like the typical anti-Catholic Hollywood stuff.

I do not listen to Nicki Minaj, rap or hip-hop, however, I do deeply care if someone mocks Christianity, especially since I am a Christian.

Who's Nicki Minaj?

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