Nicotene patch therapy

I have seen some pretty interesting opinions on the sinfulness of smoking. I haven’t seen anyone comment on using a nicotene patch. Some people stay addicted to nicotene replacement therapy for years. I wonder if it would be considered a sin and gluttony to wear a nocotene patch every day without the intent of stopping?

I don’t see how, although it’s odd, since the whole purpose of the patch is to wean yourself off nicotine. But even smoking isn’t sinful per se (although it’s a bad idea and you shouldn’t do it just for health reasons)

I’ve heard from a former smoker who quit that a nicotine patch is the equivalent of a porn addict buying playboy magazines. It is a more expensive less effective source of scratching the itch.

It would be sort of weird. I used to smoke and quit with nicotine gum. It was repulsive to chew, but it helped me quit. That and e-cigarettes.

Addiction is physiological. I can’t see how it would be a sin to try to overcome it with a proven method of tapering off.

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If you want to dream slap on a patch and get ready for an entertaining night. Unbelievable dreams. I don’t think anyone gets addicted to the patch they just keep failing at quitting and never seem to stop wearing one. You don’t see them smoke you just notice the patch.

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