Niece joined a beauty contest


Good day to everyone. I have a niece who had joined a beauty contest and part of the competition involves the swimsuit portion. She is christian and her parents are very conservative and not supportive of her plans. She is young, tall and attractive and plans to pursue a career in modelling and fashion and has recently been accepted as a flight attendant. Her parents are overprotective and she approached me a few times for my support. I also feel the same way as that of her parents but I feel that she should be given a chance to fulfill her dreams. Any thoughts about this?


If she is under 18 she should defer to her parents on this matter, as should you in your advice. What anyone other than her parents think, is irrelevant. God bless.


What’s the big deal? If she’s over 18, she should just participate in the pageant. Its not like she’s entered a wet T-shirt contest or is about to start dancing in a “gentlemen’s club”. It’s a simple beauty pageant for crying out loud. I’m a lifelong Catholic who strongly supports modesty, but this unseemly fear of women that many devout Catholics and other Christians have is nothing short of backwards and barbaric.


It is a contest, we wear bathing suits at other times so why not as part of a beauty contest? Good luck young lady!


I know that there is this catholic super model, top model or whatever namned Leah Darrow. She’s like a motivational speaker on human dignity, modesty, chastity and such things and usually tells her story about the business. There are tons of videos of speaking up on youtube. Could be something to pass along, I don’t know wether its helpful/relevant or not, but just putting it out there :shrug:


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