Niece update


My niece is still in the hospital, but is doing fine. I guess I should of said that she is having twins. Thanks, for the prayers!:slight_smile:



Continuing in prayer for her and the babies.


Thanks for sharing your good news. Sounds like congratulations and prayers of gratitude are in order. :slight_smile:

~~ the phoenix


prayers in thanksgiving and for good health…


Praying for mom and babies


Jack, we ask God’s abundant blessings on your niece and her babies, for their health and well-being, and for a blessed happy life for them and the family.

God bless you too…Trishie


Iwill pray for your niece and her babies.
grandma glor


Awww, the only thing better than a baby is two or more at the same time. Through the intercession of St. Gerard, I will pray for them.:signofcross:


My prayers are with her and the babies.


Hail Mary full of grace
The Lord is with Thee,
Blessed are Thou among women
Blesses is the fruit of thy womb Jesus
Holy Mary Mother of God
Pray for us sinners,
now and at the hour of our death.

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