Nigeria buys baby poison antidote

Nigerian medical authorities are flying in 100 doses of an antidote to try and stem the deaths of babies poisoned by a contaminated teething syrup.

The number of children who have died from kidney failure after being given the tainted paracetamol-based remedy called “My Pikin” has risen to 34.

Authorities say the number of sick children may rise, as not all parents have access to medical services.

The children died after drinking the baby-teething mixture contaminated with diethylene glycol, a toxic substance normally used in engine coolant.

Anti-freeze in children’s medicine - my first thought was that it was another China related poisoning, but apparently it is made in Nigeria.

Maybe they mention this in the article but how does a poison like anti-freeze get into children’s medicine?

Its not mentioned, but my guess is that it was used as a cheap sweetener.

It can happen a few ways. One is that glycols are common fillers for candies and medicines; they’re sweet. Some aren’t all that toxic. Most people can handle them in moderation. But the labels can be confusing. A barrel of an edible glycol and a barrel of a highly toxic one side-by-side (for the factory’s or trucks’ engines) on the catwalk are a contamination waiting to happen. Someone colorblind and a slow reader may misread the labels and confuse them.
Also, without proper storage and adequate filtration synthetic compounds can come out of the lab already contaminated with related substances.

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