NIGERIA - ISLAM - Boko Haram abducts high school girls, sells them as slaves and wives "by Allah" [AN]


After their capture, 53 of the 276 abducted girls managed to escape. Now they are praying for their schoolmates, who might be sold in Chad, Cameroon and other neighbouring countries for $ 12. Boko Haram’s arsenal is more modern and sophisticated than that of Nigeria’s regular army. Its actions could influence upcoming elections.



The good that comes out of Islam is mind-boggling. This world would be poorer without it.


we need to call this what it is, totally evil actions justified by religion and one that is less than friendly to any women on the planet. thank God 53 escaped and praying for the rest of their companions. One of the biggest players in the slave trade in history and now has been done in the name of this religion using the example of it’s founder who himself practiced capturing and raping women. It would be nice to see some kind of condemnation coming from any Imman but their silence is deafening.


Only a valid argument if one holds that Boko Haram represents what Islam actually teaches.


all one has to do is quickly google search Imman justifies raping captive women and one will find leading Muftis in Syria and Egypt that openly give their armies permission to capture and rape women. This is rooted in the Koran allowance of sexual slavery. Google search Sheikh Ishaq Huwaini who lectures on this stuff. This includes a number of leading Muftis and Imans.


-I agree with the portion of your comment I omitted.
-Said condemnations from not only Imams in and outside of Nigeria but from Muslims in and outside Nigeria have occurred and continue to occur. Here is a link to an article about Christians and Muslim Nigerians coming together to jointly protest Boko Haram attacks on mosques (i.e. an Islamic not a Christian place of worship) due to the Imams (i.e. Islamic clergy, not Christian clergy) preaching against Boko Haram, its actions, and its version of Islam. . One can also go to the Wikipedia article on Boko Haram and click on the citations at the bottom (like number 45 and 46) to go to reports about Boko Haram killing Imams that protest the group and the morality of its actions.
-While I believe that there is a degree of acceptance within the general Muslim community of attacks against non-Muslims by Islamic extremists, this degree of acceptance doesn’t rise to the level of “their silence is deafening.” I would argue that the “deafening” part is due more to people wanting to ignore the condemnation of the group by Muslims than due to the “silence” part.


In your evaluation, when all is said and done, Islam is a positive force in this world, an asset?


Sexual slavery is permitted by Islam. Anyone who wishes to deny that, as most Muslims admittedly do, is reading their morality into the Quran rather than deriving it from the Quran.


I do appreciate your links. I respect your view point even when I might not agree with it. I think you are right in that using the term deafening was a bit much. I also feel though that voices that are expressed in the link shared are more in the minority of the Islamic community. I am pretty sure that you would disagree with that but there does seem like fundamentalist Islam is not exactly female friendly. I am genuinely concerned for all women in children in Islamic countries for their rights, treatment and freedom.


Actually I agree with you in regards to the active voices of condemnation of Islamic extremism within the Muslim community are a minority. My personal view is that the majority of Muslims are silent on the issue of Islamic extremism for a whole series of complex reasons (some of which are common in all distinct communities and some of which are due to the flaws in the structure of the Islamic faith and its teachings). On the issue of Islamic extremism I’d argue that there are 5 sub-groups within the Muslim community. Those actively for, those passively for, those “on the fence,” those passively against, and those actively against; with the three middle groups making up the majority of Muslims and the portion of the Muslim community that remains silent.


So your argument is that Boko Haram’s actions are accurately portraying what Islam teaches in regards to sexual slavery. Please provide support for this argument.


Depends on if you want my evaluation* of it in terms of “broadly speaking” or on specific issues. “Broadly speaking” I would argue that it is a positive force, on specific issues (such as religious freedoms, unjust discrimination, women) I’d say at best neutral but most likely a negative.

*evaluation based on basic knowledge that anyone can easily get a hold of (i.e. my uninformed opinion). For a scholarly evaluation I would suggest you turn to those who have the required qualifications.


I know this is only a dream, but I wish so bad that our US Navy Seals or the UN could get a group together and somehow a rescue operation could be done to get these girls back and return them to their families. I wish we as planet Earth would join together and #1) agree that the mass kidnapping of children is not acceptable and #2) do something about it.


I agree. The disconnect between what the international community preaches and what it actually does is saddening, especially when we are talking about countries that have a populace that don’t for the most part support the extremist groups. Sitting around a preaching about the bad guys being bad guys without doing anything will only allow the bad guys to become the people in charge.


Boko Haram’s views are as valid an interpretation of the Quran as anyone else’s. It isn’t as if there is a authority in Islam that could declare their interpretation heretical.

As for a reference, it is fairly straightforward to find the verses in the Quran that deal with the treatment of captured slaves. Allow me to google for you:

Muslims are encouraged to live in the way of Muhammad, who was a slave owner and trader. He captured slaves in battle. He had sex with his slaves. And he instructed his men to do the same. The Qur’an actually devotes more verses to making sure that Muslim men know they can keep women as sex slaves (4) than it does to telling them to pray five times a day (0).

In Islamic law (Sharia), Ma malakat aymanukum is the term for slaves or captives of war. According to Muslim theologians, it is lawful for male masters to have sexual relations with female captives and slaves[46][47] regardless of whether or not the slave woman gave her consent.[48] The purchase of female slaves for sex was lawful from the perspective of Islamic law, and this was the most common motive for the purchase of slaves throughout Islamic history.[49]


Ah, so Boko Haram’s version of Islam is correct because there is no central authority in Islam to declare it incorrect. Well doesn’t that also apply to your argument which is based on your assumption that Boko Haram’s version is the correct version of Islam? And doesn’t it also invalidate your second citation since that is based on the conclusions of Islamic theologians? My, the unintended consequences of trying to prove your argument instead of looking for the truth.

If we take your above concerning authority in Islam to be true than we are left with comparing the actions of the Boko Haram with what is written within the Quran. Where exactly does the Quran state that a Muslim can go out and take whom ever they want as a slave? I’m not an expert on the Quran or Islam, but I’m pretty sure there are conditions placed on who can be taken as a slave. Schoolgirls I would imagine would fall outside the category of whom may be taken as a slave (prisoners of war and those born into slavery).


I saw a story about this on the BBC. They mentioned the kidnapping but not the selling into slavery etc. And people wonder why i lose more and more faith in the MSM


I think the only reason this incident (this isn’t the first time Boko Haram has kidnapped women and children, nor is it the first time it has threatened to sell its hostages into slavery) even made it into the news cycle is due to the number of girls they took as hostages.


Too little too late in my opinion. I guess its better than doing nothing.


Whether Boko Haram falls outside of Islamic thought and application in the force taking of these girls for abuse is one thing but the fact that the Koran does allow the taking of women in battle and abusing them should make anyone pause and think. It boils down to Islamic view of God verses Judeo-Christian. Islamic view of God is an unknowing unpredictable master and humans are his slaves. Judeo-Christian is that God is our loving Father and we are all His children made in His image which gives us intrinsic worth and rights no matter who we are or what we believe. These intrinsic rights to one’s own self not to be violated no matter what is in contrast to Islamic view of master/slave relationship which does not give self-worth to every human being. Now the average and majority of Muslim men do not fall (especially in western societies) in this rapist category but sadly as more and more countries become Sharia Law compliant, women’s own worth and dignity are threaten. One of the stated goals of Boko haram is to rid Nigeria of western education of girls and to have all girls 9-12 married off so in their sick minds, they are justified in what they are doing. Likewise, there are just too many muftis and Imans that support these sorts of actions.

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