Nigeria losing control of northeast to Boko Haram

If Boko Haram are able to continue seizing territory in Borno, including the state capital, it is likely that almost the entire state will soon fall under the insurgency’s control. This will be the realisation of Boko Haram’s ambition to establish a caliphate in north-east Nigeria

Ah man this is not good news. God forbid this from happening. This is a bad region since its in the cross hairs of the Ebola outbreak.

And no one is helping Nigeria fight these terrorists. It seems the whole world will fall to islamists before the West realises what’s happening.

And why should anyone help have to help Nigeria, they have the 8th largest population in the world and the largest in Africa. If they can’t defeat Boko Haram with there comparatively massive army, that’s pretty sad.

It would be interesting to understand why the Nigerian government is doing nothing to stop this.

Generally, I think, America tends not to get involved in the affairs of sub-Saharan Africa because so little is known about the politics of the region. Barrack Obama is as whitewashed as the rest of his country in that regard. He doesn’t have a good feel for what is going on there either.

What’s going on is that the same group that has been terrorising towns for years and got famous for kidnapping hundreds of girls is now conquering Nigeria. No more needs to be known. You don’t have to understand the most complicated parts of their politics and history to realise that these islamists must be stopped.

We do know the basics.
We do not know why Nigeria is too weak, or too disinterested, to stop them. I don’t know at any rate.

And we know that, unlike ISIS, there is no political will in the West to do anything about this.
Michelle Obama held up a sign, I think. If the wife of the most powerful military in the world feels that holding a sign for the internet is the best that she can do, there is no reason to expect any more involvement from the Obamas than that.

**Capture of Borno towns: Reputation of Nigeria’s military at stake – US **-

ABUJA — The United States of America warned yesterday that the reputation of Nigeria’s military was at stake while the future of the country and her children was in jeopardy following the capture of some towns in the north eastern part of the country in the last few weeks by Boko Haram terrorists.

This came as Chief of Defence Staff, Air Marshal Alex Badeh, revealed that for the country to win the war against terrorism, there was the need for diplomatic lobbying for foreign assistance in areas of equipment.

Also, yesterday, the Federal Government assured that no Nigerian Soldier would die in vain, even as a retired general, now a Senator, Ahmed Saleh said the battle against insurgency was far from being over, saying “what we are seeing is a complete deterioration of the situation.”

**Boko Haram: Jonathan declares full-scale war ,deploys warplanes - **

Nigerian warplanes are carrying out air strikes against Boko Haram militant bases at Bama, Borno State, a senior official said yesterday, in a government counter-attack against Boko Haram’s drive to create an Islamist enclave.

The official, who asked not to be named, told Reuters Nigeria’s military was battling Boko Haram fighters at Bama, 70 km (45 miles) southeast of the Borno state capital Maiduguri.

If America indeed does take this seriously and takes measures to ensure that this latest Islamic menace is driven back, then that would be an indication that Obama are finally starting to understand that Islamism is truly an international problem. It is like a game of whack a mole to know where the next breakout of this is going to be.

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