Nigeria’s Actions Seem to Contain Ebola Outbreak


Some good news!

With quick and coordinated action by some of its top doctors, Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country, appears to have contained its first Ebola outbreak, the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Tuesday.

As the epidemic rages out of control in three nations only a few hundred miles away, Nigeria is the only country to have beaten back an outbreak with the potential to harm many victims in a city with vast, teeming slums.

Local health workers with members of Doctors Without Borders at a hospital in Conakry, Guinea on Thursday. More foreign doctors and nurses are volunteering, but a gap remains.Ebola Doctor Shortage Eases as Volunteers Step ForwardSEPT. 26, 2014
Although officials are pleased that success was achieved in a country of 177 million that is a major transport and business hub — and whose largest city, Lagos, has 21 million people — the lessons here are not easily applicable to the countries at the epicenter: Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. Public health officials in those countries remain overwhelmed by the scale of the outbreak and are desperate for additional international assistance.


It is difficult for me to respond to this because I read the words but I don’t believe that in the long run the outcome will be as favorable as it seems today. At least, not at the rate medical investigating is keeping up with the problem.

I could be wrong I’ve been wrong before. I hope I am wrong.


Good news.


May God bless doctors and nurses who are volunteering.


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