Nigerian priest released two days after kidnapping [CC]

A Nigerian priest who was kidnapped last week has been released, the Fides news service reports.Father Innocent Umor, who was abducted from his rectory in the Idah diocese, was set …


Thank God he was released.

The priest’s name was really Innocent Umer?

OK then …

My theory of how he’s now free is:

After exorcizing all the demons in his vicinity … his captors asked:

Who are you? And what are you doing here?

The next funniest thing about the story was in the last paragraph.

The armed men who kidnapped Father Umor had contacted diocesan officials, demanding ransom for his release. The kidnapping-- which took place in south-central Nigeria, rather than in the northeast, where Boko Haram is active—was apparently not connected with terrorism.

:rotfl: < but only because he’s now free.

It had more to do with terrorism, however, than kids or napping.

This is in the South per the map; so this appears not to be the work of Boko Haram but other outlaws.

I read this past week, the government forces have even had to battle insurgents in the central part of Nigeria, in the Delta, there are warlords. All that said, compared to Boko Haram, you would think they would be tame. But it’s hard to say, the Nigerian Civil War of the '60s and Biafra (vague knowledge here) killed a lot more people than the fight against Boko Haram. Some of that was a downright famine of the people.

Abuja - It is being alleged that the message of the Nigerian state to would-be militants is that militancy pays. Recent reports say Nigeria is paying out millions of dollars to former Niger Delta “war lords” in the effort to sustain the “peace” in the region.

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A lot of Priests adopt religious names after they are ordained. For example Robert Peter Groeschel took the name Benedict after his ordination.

Your post is still funny though.:D:thumbsup:

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