Nigeria's bishops denounce same-sex marriage, decry Western ?LGBT propaganda' [CWN]

The bishops of Nigeria, Africa’s most populous nation, have strongly denounced same-sex marriage in the wake of recent developments in Ireland, the United States, and other Western …


I once read an article about the struggle Episcopal Bishops had in African nations with Islamic factions in Africa. This was during the time gay marriage had reared it’s head for the first time in the EC.

For the West, the Bishops said SSM was a matter of debate while in Africa, it was a matter of life and death in their struggles with the Islamic factions. Such discussions in the west undermined their moral authority in Africa, and gave their adversaries fodder in their fight with Christianity.

“We therefore hereby express our concern with regard to the persistent and continuous propagation and globalization of the homosexual lifestyle and the effort to redefine marriage which is a distorted view of human sexuality, coming especially from the Western world,”

The bishops are right to be concerned.

“On our part we hereby re-emphasize that Marriage is the sacred union of one man and one woman for the begetting and care of children. It forms the core of the family which is the bedrock and foundational cell of our civilization and as such it is sanctioned by God, upheld by our culture, celebrated in our society and protected by our government. The family deserves the protection from all civilized institutions as it predates society and is not subject to it. So our role is to promote it, protect it and preserve it at a time like this when many countries have unfortunately chosen a different path.”

It is disgusting that our government has ruled NOT to promote or to protect or to preserve the sacred union of between one man and woman.

An interesting point that was brought home just today, as I was discussing terrorism with a Muslim friend, who put forth an argument that the lgbt propaganda and its enforcement in the west is a form of terrorism. As such it should be condemned by the Christian churches.

I confess that I was taken aback by this argument, but upon reflection is does make sense. We are being forced and coerced into accepting laws which directly violate our beliefs. We are not at liberty to voice opposition to these laws. Freedom of religion and conscience has been violated in western democracies. We no longer have the right to free speech as it can offend the sensibilities of the lbgt “terrorists” who are imposing their views on the rest of society.

What do you say?

Um, I say please don’t hurt us? I mean is it so wrong to want laws changed so that we don’t have to worry about getting killed just because we don’t agree with what some group of guys in a building with a pointy top believe?

I mean don’t get me wrong, God seems to not like gays very much, but at least He isn’t the one tying them up and hanging them. And why are they being hung in Islamic countries? What is the worst thing we can do to them? It’s not like a gay man hits on a straight guy and just keeps trying to stand closer and closer to him. If we are offending God’s moral law why don’t they just let God deal with us? Why do they have to terrorize us like that?

I mean I’m sorry if you are offended, but man just look at what gays have had to go through before these recent freedoms? We’ve had to hide our entire lives. I’m not sure if you know what that’s like, but it is like when the Christians had to hide in the catacombs. It wasn’t right and I don’t think you’d approve of it if you thought it over.

Now I want to be fair to you because I know what it’s like to be on the other side of the stick. I know what it’s like to have someone’s values paraded in front of you and displayed as the only truth. I mean I think that’s what’s happening in reverse now. Now we’ve got people teaching with a gay agenda in hand so now it is politically correct to just live with that. I’m not sure that I’m really comfortable with that either. I mean I was not part of this movement, I just was carried along for the ride. I’m not saying that I had no opinion, but I’m a pretty low-key kinda guy so I would be a lot happier if both sides just sort of calmed down and lived without interfering with one another.

Do you know what I’m saying? I hope I’m getting this across and I hope you understand.



My first thought is; “Didn’t we used to send missionaries to places like Nigeria? How ironic is it that now their bishops have to step up and contend against our errant government and society.”

Bravo to all our bishops as they continue to guide us in this messed time. :thumbsup:

What prompts you to say gays seem to be excluded from God’s love?

Doesn’t the bible say so?

The Bible doesn’t say anything about God not loving gays. The Bible says God loves everyone.

Look I hope that’s true (otherwise why would I still be Catholic?), but I remember the Bible commanding gays be put to death so I still have that bit of doubt, you know?

You refer to the Old Testament. That’s a different can of worms. It is a picture of a young people’s understanding of God which developed more and more clearly unto the present day. Much of their understanding was clouded, so they might write “God did this or that” when the more complete reality is that God permitted this or that. Remember, if the people of the OT had grasped it all, Jesus wouldn’t have had to come down and re-interpret so much of what they understood, would he?

I don’t know. Maybe. I just remember going through the Bible (looking for loopholes, let’s be honest) and I came to where Jesus was asked about the Law (the Old Testament, to my understanding) and he said he did not come to abolish the law, but to fullfill it. That not one dot of it should pass away.

So here I am, obviously a little nervous because the one time God could have said, “Yeah, well the old law is a little extreme so let me fix it,” he said instead, “No, it stands as is.” That makes me really appreciate your kind sentiments, but still worry all the same.

Twenty years ago no would believe that Africa and Russia would be the only ones in the world towing the moral line on this issue.

Well they are a little bit behind the rest of the world in everything else–why wouldn’t they also be late for the party on this as well?

I appreciate the thought.
Let me throw out something else for you to consider when we think of Jesus “fulfilling,” the OT. There was the Passover lamb, slaughtered for sin. The Israelites did not recognize the full underlying truth in this action. Jesus is what that lamb signified, and exponentially superior as well.

Similarly with sin in the Old Testament. There were occasions where groups of people were killed. But this did not amount to God delivering the direct blow, even if the Jews understood it as such. But what is revealed through their accounts is God’s victory over the “enemy.” For instance, in this age, many interpreters now recognize the Amelekites, whom the Jews defeated, not so much as a specific group of people against whom God decided to wreak vengeance, but as the icon of sin. The Jews vs their enemies, corresponds to God’s people (i.e. everyone) vs. their enemies (i.e. sin). Another quick example are the Egyptians. The Israelites escaping Egypt represents the journey of man escaping his exile to sin.

So many of those stories in the OT can thus, with wiser eyes, now be understood as God teaching us that we must slaughter our enemy, sin.

Um, the slaughter bit is making me nervous, but ok, I kind of understand that way of thinking, but ah, is there any way you can make sure you stand between me and God if this doesn’t quite work out as planned on the day of Judgement? I mean I really, really want to believe you (ok add some more reallys into that), but I don’t see God saying any of that I just see you doing that. And I mean I’m not meaning to say that you are nicer than God (but actually it looks like I did just do that–I mean, maybe you might be just a little?), but I guess I am saying that God does seem at the very least a bit unfriendly for leaving that kind of ambiguity for a guy who would like to love Him, right? I mean it is possible that He inspired you to interact with me as a way of delivering a new message, but man, how do I know I am not just hearing what I want to hear?

It helps to try to understand “slaughter” in the way the Jews understood it as God delivering man from man’s enemies. First, they were given this concept in the form of visible war. That concession, that “divine accommodation” to use a theological term, points toward God slaughtering sin on our behalf.

So you won’t need anyone to stand between you and God if you embrace your graces and follow Christ in virtue and love as he teaches any of us. All of us have crosses. Whether someone struggles with chastity (which many gay or straight people suffer), or sins of the tongue, or excessive anger, or whatever, we have Christ in the Church. We have the sacraments. If we fall, we have Reconciliation which restores our splendor. You needn’t scruple. Just take one step at a time. If you fall, get back up through the sacrament, even if you fall and get up 100,000 times for the rest of your life like the rest of us. :o

Ok, but will you still promise to stand between us just in case? It’ll at least give me a head-start. :shrug:

If I’m there, and I’m there first, I’ll do my best. :smiley:

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