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I know catholics drink but I don’t drink alcohol. I like to meet new people and socialize and don’t have a problem sitting with someone having a beer. I am single but I don’t go out to pick up girls or “hook up”. I just want to relax enjoy myself and I do. There is dancing but I don’t partake in that. Not even “shuffling” let alone bumping and grinding. Like I say my main goal is to make friends. Even if just acquiantances.

There aren’t many social activitites for singles in my parish or the whole vicarate that I know of or I would go there to meet the opposite sex if that was a goal. I know bars aren’t wrong because my local Knights of Columbus has a bar.
Is there anything here I should watch out for?

Is there anything here I should watch out for?

Meh, just use common sense. You’re not drinking, but everyone else presumably is, so don’t hold stupid stuff they say against them too much. Also, I’ve spent some nights being bored in a bar because I was supposed to go out and “have a good time” so be on the lookout for kindred souls.

There’s nothing wrong with going to a club. It’s what you do there that counts.

First off, I don’t recommend going to places that propagate immorality. Even if you don’t partake in the immoral activities, you are still becoming de-sensitized to them by being in the environment. Remember, the recipe for falling into mortal sin is to first become de-sensitized to the wrongness of the activity, committing some venial sins relating to the activity, and then finally you’ll find yourself in such a weakened state that the devil can go in for the kill. You always have to be on your guard.

Also, I am a 25 yr old single guy who is still waiting to meet his future spouse. I have dated many women and I strongly recommend against looking for a suitable lady in a place like a bar. If God is calling you to marriage, then he has chosen someone for you who will push you to be a better Catholic. Marriage is a sacrament and, like all sacraments, it must bring you closer to God; not come between you and God or in any way cause you to sacrifice even the smallest aspect of your faith. If being with a woman requires you to do something that makes you uncomfortable or behave in a less-then holy manner, then I guarantee that you’re not doing God’s will.

Do not worry, the only thing that should concern you in this life is pleasing God with your whole heart. God will bring you a spouse if you are called to marriage (if you’re not sure whether you are called to marriage then you should pray for a more evident sign, and if you don’t recieve one that may indicate that God wants you in a different state of life):

God bless! :slight_smile:

So these days, that means don’t leave your house except to go to Church. :smiley:

Nah…Church is out too…have you seen what women wear to Church nowadays? :rolleyes:

In all seriousness…I agree with the above poster. Don’t go looking for dates in a bar. You won’t find what you’re looking for there unless it’s a specific Church sponsored event. While you might find a nice Catholic girl at a bar…it’s not ideal and intentions tend to be muddled when alcohol is directly involved.

Could you ask your priest if there are any Catholic singles events in the area you live? Online dating isn’t too scary either…especially if you focus directly on Catholic-only websites like AveMaria. Online dating is sort of like a virtual bar without the alcohol involved. My husband and I met online.

I would recommend finding some buddies and going someplace smaller and bit more intimate that may or may not have a bar. My husband and I like going to our local American Legion. It’s walking distance from our house (so we can have some drinks and not drive) and it’s small enough where we aren’t yelling over each other or trying to squeeze through people to get a drink.

Looking around town for happy hours…afternoon times…aren’t that bad of an idea. The crowds are sparser, less rowdy and there aren’t bands playing so you can actually have a discussion and meet new people without yelling.

Going to a big club or a huge bar isn’t exactly the best idea…for me at least. Music is too loud, crowds are way too big and I don’t feel comfortable with the atmosphere. My drinking limit is one, maybe two beers and I don’t like being surrounded by people who drink excessively.

I had girlfriends who were very outgoing and either knew tons of people I didn’t know or had no issues meeting new people where ever we went. We’d go to coffee shops together, pool halls, local concerts and new restaurants that had kareoke nights or other activities and make new friends that way. Sometimes you just have to be creative.

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