hello again, any advice for nightmares. i just had a dream like this:

i was in school with one of my favorite teacher (i love this woman, shes like me second grandma) and well this is kinda weird but we were having EUcharist. Kinda like we were having Mass. No priest or anything. NO church. but we were in the school kitchen having Mass/eating Eucharist. only no one in there was Catholic or understood wha it meant. i trued to explain to the teacher that i wasnt Catholic so i wasnt taking Eucharist. she kept insisting that i did. im not sure whether i did or not. but then i went home and in my dream i was watching on tv (after coming home from school) a show about a man who was called by Jesus to go somewhere, but then the commercial came on and (really scary part coming) and on the commercial there was a possessed man. and as i was watching the commercial i grabbed my remote and tried to change it to EWTN (so i could watch Mass and be safe because i remembered the Eucharist at school. but the remote would never work. i woke up and slung myslef up in bed. breathing hard. its 3:38am where i live and im up typing this. i am constantly getting nightmares. i wear my blessed miraculous medal and have my blessed ROsary beside my bed. i dont eat/drink anything weird. and i pray the Rosary and before i went to bed tonight i prayed an immaculate conception prayer. these constant nightmares (most are worse than this) are getting out of control. i pray to Jesus everynight asking for no bad dreams but for now its still a problem. what do i do??? these drema sscare the heck outta me and i probably wont get much more sleep tonight.

I suffer from bad dreams most nights too :frowning:

Holy Water helps, I spray my bed with it and bless myself with it. I sleep holding the cross of a Blessed Rosary and I also have a couple of other sacramentals on my bed. Yet sometimes the dreams still happen. I used to watch a lot of horror , so that could be why.

Though if I ask Mary , God , Guardian Angel to watch over me and trust in that usually the dreams aren’t as bad. Though lately I have not really had too many nightmares so maybe my prayers are working. Maybe pray the Rosary until you fall asleep again. Or just say hail Mary prayer over and over until you fall asleep. This usually works for me too

I have nightmares all the time. I find that the more stressed or worried I am, the more nightmares. I really don’t think bad dreams (at least most bad dreams) have any supernatural influence and are actually more related to the sleep cycles. This link may have some helpful information for you .

I actually have a sleep disorder called sleep paralysis and man, is it terrifying. In an episode one feels paralyzed unable to speak or call for help. Generally they will be dreaming that things such as demons, aliens, home intruders, ect. are in the room with them trying to get them. It is just my body having a hard time flowing through the sleep stages. To learn more look here .

Generally chronic nightmares and other sleeping problems have a scientific explanation.

I will chime in as well, and confess that I too am prone to awful nightmares. My nightmares often involve religious elements. One that I have often is I am battling a demon. Each time I think he has been destroyed, he comes back stronger. Each time he comes back, he is more visible to me. In the beginning of the fight, I am fighting something unseen. Gradually it becomes more and more and more visible until the final fight where this monster who reeks of sulfur and burned hair and literally puts his hands around my throat. I start blacking out and coming to. Black out, come to. I close my eyes and scream internally for Jesus, and I always yell out the same thing: “Holy God, I can not do this without you!!!” And then everything is filled with an electric charge, my hair stands out, my body gets incredibly hot, and the demon explodes in to millions of tiny pieces. The first time I had this dream, I awoke with bruising on my neck, chest and arms. I was terrified. I went to my bishop and had counseling with him.

Here is what I learned. My advice to you is, no matter what, remember that God is stronger than anything. It is more than likely just a dream. But, it is possible that you are also under spiritual attack. I generally err on the side of caution, and pray pray pray pray. If you wake up afraid, just pray. Pray before going to bed for purity in your dreams. ** Pray**. And no matter what, don’t be scared. Don’t be. God is so much stronger and so much better and so much bigger than anything and everything. We’ve got this. :thumbsup:

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Frequent Confession usually helps. Make sure you confess everything.

I can totally relate…after living a life steeped in debauchery, about as far from the “Light” as one could possibly be…I made a general confession (early 80’s) after attending Mass at St. Louis Cathedral (New Awlins)…sat in the back…hadn’t been to Mass since childhood…The Homily was addressed to ME…my confession was powerful…had a lot to confess…cried and this Holy Priest told me that the tears were washing away my sins…I wept…went to Holy Communion the next day…and …Powerful…my life has never been the same…peaks and valleys at times…but totally better…after receiving Communion I had horrible dreams…demons…maybe just dreams but really scary…I went back, spoke to the Priest…he suggested that I call out to Jesus…Perhaps the Devil trying to hold on to me…fast fwd…my dad …who never went to Mass, but made sure I did as a kid…becomes sick, is dying…I visited him and he shared the same story w/ me…I was glad that he went to Confession/received Holy Communion prior to death…but It brought it all back to me when he shared about his dreams…he was always pretty stoic…so this was quite a jump for him to share this w/ me…just dreams, maybe…evil spirit(s)…prbly…PAX this site rarely prints anything I share…I;m prbly too intense…but …this was from my heart…

It is interesting that you mentioned that this happened in or around the 3 AM hour. I have read numerous times, that this is the demonic/witching hour when most demonic activity occurs. I don’t believe that the Church has said anything official on this, but I find this interesting because I myself used to have nightmares and used to find myself waking up during or around this time.

Go to Mass.

My best advice is to continue to pray the Rosary when you can (at night or before you go to sleep in your case, if possible), say the prayer to St. Michael the Archangel, wear a crucifix around your neck, continue to bless yourself with Holy Water before you go to sleep, pray…

If this continues or gets worse, talk to a priest.

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