Nihilism and Post-Modernism in Hollywood writing

Note: The person in this video is not a professional speaker nor is he specifically identifying as a Catholic. It’s a ~20 minutes video with musings related to a question many people are asking today: “Why is screenwriting so bad these days?” and I found it pretty accurate.

Also there are minor spoilers in the video about the Last Jedi. If you haven’t seen the new Stars Wars I do not recommend watching it in the theater. It is a very poorly written movie.


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I might not agree that everyone in Hollywood is a nihilist, but this video got me thinking of how morally vacuous and bland these new movies are. It’s onto something there.

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He is on to something, but I disagree with him on some things. I think Hollywood is Satanic. I think this is part of an agenda. The Last Jedi had jumbled morals not because the makers didn’t understand morality, but because they want to confuse the morality of their audience. Nihilism does not exist in a vacuum. It exists as a stopping point on the journey toward Satanism. Convincing the population to embrace nihilism is just a way of preparing them for Satanism. You have to destroy their natural and inherited morals and values before you can rebuild a Satanic edifice.

Since the prequels, the Star Wars films have been nothing more than propaganda pieces for the Satanic Left. Incompetency does not exclude intention. Yes, the Satanic Left is also incompetent and therefore they cannot create ‘good’ art that promotes Satanism, but that doesn’t matter as much anymore because the populace at wide is so corrupt that the majority seems to take pleasure in celebrating absurdity as sense, lies as truth, and incompetency as excellence.

So while I agree that the directors, actors, scriptwriters, and audience may all be nihilists just doing what nihilists do; the people who bankroll and ultimately control the films are Satanists and they are engaged in a purposeful and thus far, extremely successful, war against God. Hollywood is the propaganda department of Hell.

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This is really interesting, although I’ve kind of lost interest in the Star Wars movies. 3 were enough.
I disagree with his premise that hippies were Satanists. I was a hippie back in '67, and many of us went on searching and became Christians, by God’s mercy. The hippies were a generation rebelling against what they saw as the stultifying lives of their parents by espousing the opposite values, as kids have done since Creation. But we grew up and became adults, those of us who survived.
There are Christians in Hollywood, though they tend to keep to themselves. Probably not too welcome at the pedophile parties. Nihilism is a good explanation for the dreck that’s being produced. The problem Hollywood has is that stories demand a plot, good vs evil is the standard plot (based on reality), and they can’t keep producing movies without good vs evil. Or can they? Or maybe they can fake it well enough.
I think the answer is prayer for our country.

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“Satanism” is a broadly used word, but basically what he was saying is that hippies had moral values. Those moral values were opposed in many ways to Christian values, but they were nonetheless values. An idea of what should or shouldn’t be done.

The generation after the baby boomer generation is more nihilistic or amoral. They don’t really champion anything. And that in Hollywood leads to boring and uninspiring writing. The characters behave erratically and irrationally.

I was there as Hippies, Anarchists and Dissidents came into our neighborhoods to preach their false gospel. Reject the Church/God, replace Him with Eastern mysticism, and trust me, plenty of books about that began to appear. “Don’t trust anyone over 30!” So, forget about mom and dad. You had freedom! What freedom? Live with and have sex with your girlfriend? Smoke dope on a regular basis? That was slavery and being misled by total strangers, but it didn’t happen overnight. First a few, then others and others fell to their newer, better world misrepresentations. Our trust was abused. My Hippie friend told me fornication was “Performing natural acts.”

I know people in Hollywood through the company I work for.

A) Some are amoral. What is right or wrong does not matter as long as making a lot of money is the primary goal. And fairness doesn’t matter. No verbal promises either. If it’s not in the contract, you don’t get more money.

B) There has been a trend to add more sexual situations, vulgar/“adult” language and dysfunctional families to the movie/TV mix. At first, slowly and gradually, but as the years passed, add more and more until partial or full nudity gets added, profanity and very graphic violence. That’s immoral.

C) Nihilism is a big thing. No one else matters except number one. You are your own world. Life is primarily about pleasure and power, but if you are not very good at the game, you may not last that long and will be left with whatever you have. The truly smart and wicked tend to rise through the ranks. But most simply assign that to good fortune and themselves. This life is all there is and I played the game well.

Recently, Hollywood has jumped on the “issue advocacy” bandwagon. We will be for anything or anyone as long as we can make a buck off of it and promote a cause, within certain parameters. Movies, TV, the news. Money and power, for many, plus change for some. That’s it.

But Hollywood is not 100% monolithic. It knows that it has audiences that don’t want a lot of what it’s generally selling, so it will make the occasional “cute” film for those other people.

Modern is an overused word. It really doesn’t mean anything. People in the 1950s thought they were “modern.” Getting a long-distance phone call used to be a big deal.

I’ve seen and done screen treatments. There are only handful of story archetypes that get told and retold with new props, hair, clothes and locations. I read in Weekly Variety, how a Hollywood veteran realized that ‘after pouring millions of dollars into a movie plus more into advertising,’ we still can’t know what will hit and what won’t.’ That’s only partly true. A few movies have gone through different directors, reshoots and reedits to tell a good story. Pre-screenings to preselected audiences tells them if they like what they see and why. Or if they don’t like it and why. Minimizing risk before release happens. Sometimes, other things happen to minimize risk too, but that’s getting further off topic.

And yes, it is now possible to go around Hollywood a bit, do good/moral work and get some screens.

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