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My 12 year-old daughter came home from Catechism class confused on Sunday. She said her teacher said that God really didn’t change the whole Nile River into blood. I looked up Exodus 7:20 where it says that God did, in fact, change all of the Nile River and even the barrels of water that were already drawn into blood. I did’n’t know what we truly are required to believe as true Catholics about the plagues of Egypt. Will you help me out from quotes from true Catholic Apologists? Thank you! I am thrilled that my daughter is interested and coming to me for guidance still and want to address each of her questions as faithfully as possible. Thank you for your time! Christine M. Gonzalez

It’s scientifically proven that rivers and bodies of oceans can turn blood red. And the waters’ kill. Red tides infect shellfish which can then sicken or kill people.

However, what also may have happened:


"An eruption of lethal gas from Lake Nyos in Cameroon kills nearly 2,000 people and wipes out four villages on this day in 1986. Carbon dioxide, though ubiquitous in Earth’s atmosphere, can be deadly in large quantities, as was evident in this disaster.

Lake Nyos and Lake Monoun are both crater lakes about a mile square located in remote mountain areas of northwest Cameroon, dominated by rock cliffs and lush vegetation. In August 1984, 37 people near Lake Monoun died suddenly, but the incident was largely covered up by the government. Since there is no electricity or telephone service in the area, it was not difficult to keep the incident secret and the 5,000 people who lived in villages near Lake Nyos were unaware of the potential danger of their own lake. At about 9:30 p.m. on August 21, a rumbling noise emanated from the lake for 15 to 20 seconds, followed by a cloud of carbon-dioxide and a blast of smelly air. The cloud quickly moved north toward the village of Lower Nyos. Some people tried to run away from the cloud; they were later found dead on the paths leading away from town. A woman and child were the only two survivors of Lower Nyos."


Open either to view the blood red color of the water - after the gas explosion.

These are Earth processes that kill animals and people.

However, God foretold, warned against and used those 10 chain events to pressure the Egyptians into setting the slave population of Israelites free.

In addition, each event directly battled against an Egyptian diety.

God did truly turn the Nile into blood. The teacher has, maybe without knowing it, been subjected to the Higher Criticism which denies most or all of the miracles. I would ask the teacher if Jonah was swallowed by the great fish or whale? In Matt 12:40, Jesus says, “For as Jonas was in the whale’s belly three days and three nights: so shall the Son of man be in the heart of the earth three days and three nights.” Jesus says this!

Maybe. But the Catholic Church does not require that opinion as a matter of faith. It’s one way to interpret that episode in Scripture. See the links others have posted regarding potential natural explanations for the account in Exodus, which are also acceptable ways to interpret that episode in Scripture.

I disagree. I’ve heard the arguements. Modernism puts science above faith. So, I guess if we give science enough time, they will be able to explain naturally all the so-called miracles in scripture. Which ones are real and which ones aren’t? Some theologians have even questioned the ressurrection. Are miracles even possible? Was Jonah swalled by a great fish?

It’s fine if you disagree, but my point was that the Catholic Church does not require (as it does not prohibit) such understanding. If you disagree that the Catholic Church does not require such understanding, please clarify. If you simply disagree with those who do not believe the narrative literally, no problem.

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