NIN released new album for free

BTW The chocolate I eat, mister “Don’t be so sarcastic in your posts”, is as much cocao as possible. That does not make for a pleasurable taste in the least.

Noone seems to be upset by the wit of the British, despite their snappy come-backs. It’s interesting that you are not above that despite writing how much I should not do it.

We seem to have gotten off topic in this thread…

Anywho, I downloaded NIN’s new album and their previous album Ghosts, and I have listened to Ghosts ever since. It’s an amazing instrumental album!


I must admit, I’m sort of losing your train of thought.

Is there some rock music out there that is bad to listen to? Absolutely.

Should people be critical about what they listen to? Absolutely.

But does this mean that rock music as a whole was designed to lead people away from God? Absolutely not. There is no evidence for this whatsoever. You keep going back to this “African tribal music” as the precursor for modern rock. Could you please explain to me how this tribal music is inherently evil?

If your only point is that some rock music can be harmful for some (or even most) people to listen to, then that is fine. I could agree with that.

But if you are trying to make the point that anyone who listens to any rock music is guilty of sin, then I would say you have crossed a line. Perhaps I have misunderstood your previous posts, but when you say that rock music is designed to lead people away from God, I don’t know how else to interpret it. (But I’m still open to alternative explanations)

If your statement that “rock ‘n’ roll was designed to lead kids away from their parents and ultimately, God” is based on the premise that all rock music has the same rhythm, then I would have to wonder how much rock music you have actually been exposed to. I could name many bands that compose their songs with time signatures usually reserved for classical music. And there are many other genres of music that utilize the same rhythm as many rock songs. So, if the rhythm is the reason that the music “leads people away from…God”, then you would pretty much have to write off all music.

If the statement that “rock ‘n’ roll was designed to lead kids away from their parents and ultimately, God” is based on the premise that rock music uses “distorted sounds”, then you have somewhat more of a leg to stand on, but still not much. There is plenty of rock that uses clean guitar parts rather than distorted guitar. And then you have to define exactly what “distorted sound” means. Does it mean any electric guitar parts, or only “crunchy” guitars? Or something else?

I was posing an alternate viewpoint and got trashed, so don’t make me out to be the sole jerk. You seemed to have missed the follow-up to my first post on the thread. That’s ok. It’s just interesting, though.

An alternate viewpoint to what? The OP simply said there was an album available to download. No comment was made about the morality of listening to a certain type of music. I’m not trying to make you out to be a jerk or “trash” you. I was simply questioning some of your word choices (“wake up and smell the sulfur”) and some of your arguments (“rock ‘n’ roll was designed to lead kids away from their parents and ultimately, God”).

If I’ve come across as unduly hostile, I apologize. I guess I did gloss over the part where you said you hear it yourself and probably are not affected by it, and for that I aplogize. But it really doesn’t change any of the points I’ve been making as I’m not trying to attack you personally. I’m just questioning some of your arguments.

I concur.
Further postings not about the NIN album being released for free will be deleted.

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