Nine Charged in Bullying of Massachusetts Teen Who Killed Herself

The news stories coming out lately (middle school girl gets beaten to almost death after text message and high school student commits suicide after months of bullying and teasing) make my heart very sad for today’s youth. Where are kids getting the idea that it’s okay to beat the **** out of someone over a text? Or rape an innocent girl who is brand new to the country? (girl who commited suicide after being bullied) (Florida girl brutally beaten after sending text message)

I may not have any kids of my own but these types of stories frighten me for my future children and today’s “tweens” and teens!!! My heart goes out to the immigrant parents who had to bury their daughter. I :gopray2: that the young girl in Florida makes a FULL recovery!!!

I apologize if these stories have already been discussed. :frowning:

P.S. Where there as asteriks I typed the “c” word, not the “s” word.

Parenting is a thing of the past. When I was growing up bullying got you a backhand in the chops frtom dad. When my dad was growing up it got you a castiron frying pan over the head.

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