Nine Hour Novenas

Are we allowed to pray a nine day novena over nine consecutive hours instead or should we stick to designated nine hour novenas for this?


A true novena is on nine days. A partial indulgence may be obtained through a public novena before the feasts of Immaculate Conception, Christmas, or Pentecost. Concession 22)

Saint Teresa of Calcutta was known to pray a “novena” of Hail Mary’s (or other simple prayer) when she needed immediate help.

Novenas are private devotions, therefore you are not bound to pray them in a particular way.

And prayer is never wasted! :signofcross:

Open your heart to God in your need, and place your trust in Him. If praying a novena over nine hours assists you in this, then that is a GOOD prayer!

God bless you!


AMEN!!! In the Mother Love prayer book there is a nine hour Novena for mothers in labor. Could even make it a nine minute Novena if necessary!!! God Bless, Memaw

The Infant of Prague novena specifies that you can do it as a 9-hour one.

Hi Nelka,

You can certainly pray a Novena this way if you would like to. :slight_smile:


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