Nintendo Wii - I need a primer

My brother bought a Wii awhile ago and left it at my dad’s and said we could bring it home. I finally did today.

Any recommendations, hints, necessary knowledge, etc?

My buddy said one can download old games. How does one go about doing that? I’d love them to be able to play the original Mario Bros.

Any games a 9yr old a 5 yr old might enjoy?

Our last game system was a Nintendo64 and they love MarioKart64 so I’ll probably look into that.

I think you’ll need some type of network adapter to download old games. Also, they do charge you a 1 time fee (not sure about that) to play those old games.

most of the sport games like golf boxing or bowling are great for kids and the whole family. not too hard for them or easy for you. i actually think they have an advantage at the boxing since it is so energy intensive.

Hope this helps.

You can buy games from various old systems, not just Nintendo ones from a certain shop channel. It also depends on where you are. If you’re in the U.S., Japan or Europe, you can only download games that were previously released in that area.

If you live in someplace where games were NEVER officially released, you’ll never be able to download anything. (Like me. I really hate Nintendo for the region thing.)

Mario Kart Wii is one of the best that Wii has to offer. Just be ready to have more than one Wii controller, and to buy more than one steering wheel, if your kids want to play against each other. It split-screens for head to head racing.

The Wii does have built in wifi, but you will need to have a wireless router, or look into a wired network connection. Either way, you need a router to tap into the Wii Shopping, where you can buy old games. They get downloaded and stay on the Wii hard drive. You do have to add money to a Wii Shopping account to buy ‘points’, as all products cost points. 1000 points is $10 USD, and games start at 500 points.

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