Ninth Bishop of Rochester named

Pope Francis has appointed as Ninth Bishop of Rochester Bishop Salvatore R. Matano, Bishop of Burlington, Vt., according to the Vatican website.

It’s about time! :slight_smile:


Good news for Rochester. Sad news for Burlington.

Excellent news for Rochester, and also I suspect for Bishop Cunningham of Syracuse as he won’t be burdened with overseeing two dioceses at once any more. Burlington is a charming city and I’m sure Bishop Matano will have mixed feelings about leaving.

My only hesitation is that, seeing as Bishop Matano is from Rhode Island and was a bishop in Vermont, it seems very likely we will have yet another Red Sox fan as a bishop in New York. :wink:

Good for us! YAY!

Press conference starts in a few minutes

I know Rochester has waited a long time. Patience is being rewarded.

Good news :slight_smile:

:gopray2: His Excellency is in my prayers ,he has a task before

Cleansing Fire is awesome

I don’t know anything about the blog as a whole but that article was very nice. And I wonder if the mention of the New York autumn was also a hint at something else. The diocese of Albany is entering the process of getting a new bishop too. Bishop Hubbard sent in his mandatory offer of retirement on his birthday this Halloween. To my knowledge it hasn’t been accepted yet but presumably in a matter of days to months it will be. It would be tactless to describe past controversies or the issues facing the diocese at this time, but a new bishop is always a chance for renewal.

As a Red Sox fan who was in the midst of a sea of Yankee fans in Rochester during the '78 one game play off, I can only hope it’s true. :smiley:

We have been praying for this day for a very long time. Now we are earnestly praying that our new Bishop will be exactly who we need. There is much work to be done. May God grant him great wisdom.

Bishop Matano was the one who Confirmed me :). God Bless him and I pray that he may do a great job in Rochester spreading the Lord’s message.


Well, I can tell you without a doubt that our Bishop Emeritus is no Red Sox fan!! :stuck_out_tongue:

I follow the Cleansing Fire blog myself, and I’ve been praying for several months that the Diocese of Rochester would receive a new shepherd. I am pleased with the choice of Bishop Matano. I think Bishop Matano can give the Diocese of Rochester the help it needs for renewal.

Closer to my home, my own opinion is that Bishop Vann did quite a bit of renewal in the Diocese of Fort Worth. IMHO, whoever becomes the next Bishop of Fort Worth will have big shoes to fill.

Bishop Hubbard of Albany submitted his papers recently, and his 75th birthday was October 31. Albany is another diocese in much need of help (I visited there twice many years ago), and I’ve been praying for many months for a strong leader for the Diocese of Albany.

Bishop Hubbard was the last active Jadot appointment, and Bishop Clark (Rochester) was also a Jadot appointment. Both bishops were appointed at young ages (Gossman in Raleigh was another Jadot appointment), and these three bishops (including Gossman) stayed put for 30+ years. Gossman’s successor (Bishop Burbidge, a former seminary rector from the Archdiocese of Philadelphia) from what I have read and heard has made much strive for renewal, and vocations in Raleigh have increased over 100%.

I don’t know who will get Albany, but hopefully it will be someone like Matano. I wonder if Bishop Walterschied from Pittsburgh is on the “short-list”, since I am praying that Fr. John Trigilio is on the “short list” for the Bishop of Harrisburg (Fr. Trigilio’s home diocese is Harrisburg - the old Harrisburg bishop was a good bishop, and unfortunately Bishop McFadden succumbed suddenly to a heart attack in July 2013). For all I know, there could be fifty priests and some current bishops on the “short list” for the Diocese of Albany and the Diocese of Harrisburg. None of us will know until Pope Francis I makes the announcements.

I was referring to Bishop Howard Hubbard of Albany. He is a native of Troy, NY who is unaccountably a Red Sox fan. :shrug: :wink:

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