Nip/Tuck Reaches New Depths of Depravity


Nip/Tuck Reaches New Depths of Depravity


Cable subscribers everywhere should be outraged and demand to know why they are being forced to subsidize bestiality with their cable bills. Yes, you heard me right: bestiality, where a person engages in sexual activity with an animal. And if you subscribe to cable or satellite TV so you can watch ESPN or History Channel or CNN or Fox News, then you helped pay for that disgusting content. That’s why we urgently need you to respond to this call-to-action. Please take a moment today to write to your Congressman and Senators and demand Cable Choice.

Click below to send your letter today.

If you are a cable subscriber, part of your bill helps pay for the programming on the FX network, including the outrageously offensive Nip/Tuck.

Over the past three years, the creators of Nip/Tuck have devised some of the most disgusting and disturbing storylines imaginable. Episodes have included themes of incest, pedophilia, necrophilia, rape and more. Just three episodes into this season, Nip/Tuck has reached new depths of depravity with a storyline about a woman who had sex with her dog while her husband was serving in Iraq.

I will spare you the graphic details, but if you can stomach it, a summary of the episode is available at [/FONT] Even if you think you will be offended, you should read it – just so you fully understand exactly what you are being forced to pay for with your cable bill.

FX is part of most cable subscriber’s expanded basic package, which means this scene of stomach-turning depravity was available to the children in over 75% of US households. That means that some 80 million children might have been exposed to this filth.

If you are fed-up with having to pay for programming that offends your conscience and assaults your values… or if you are fed-up with being forced to pay for cable channels you don’t want just to gain access to the few channels you do want – then please, take action today.

Just use this form to send a letter to your representatives in Congress and the Senate. A copy of your letter will also be sent to the Federal Communications Commission and to the sponsors of this disgusting episode.

After you send your letter, please forward this note to everyone you know and ask them to take action, too.

I’m sure you’ll agree that this kind of material should not be forced onto families, nor should families be forced to pay for it. And advertisers should be held accountable for sponsoring it. That’s why we so urgently need your help.

With deepest gratitude,
Tim Winter

Executive Director
Parents Television Council


Woohoo! I am so glad that we kicked the TV out of our lives :thumbsup: We do sometimes miss the few good things we used to watch, but we don’t regret it one little bit!


The descriptions on the link are pornographic. This beyond disgusting. I can’t believe any normal person would view such a show. I’m glad we ditched the TV three years ago.




I don’t have cable, partly on account of what comes along for the ride, so help me out here. What is “cable choice”?

Is this where you pay for a cable hookup and then only have them transmit the one show you want to pay for?


I think (correct me if I’m wrong) that cable choice is the idea of buying specific cable networks, not a whole package. So, right now, since I subscribe to cable, I get FX. But under a cable choice systme, I would not have to get that channel (or any other that I didn’t want).



I think a major of loss of business by people cancelling their cable service will make more of a difference to the company than a petition or letter.

Nobody is forcing this show on anyone–don’t watch it or get rid of the tv.


Cut the cable, read the newspaper, listen to the radio, sing songs, tell stories, go to a friend’s house (and bring good snacks) to watch the big game, spend time at the library, watch a life-affirming video or DVD. Cable television is not a necessity of life.


Yes, Gertabelle, those are geat ideas. We do not subscribe to cable television because we see no reason to pay for so many channels to not watch. We can not watch them for free any time we don’t want to see what’s on. :wink:

We do, however, have our internet through a cable company. Our internet bills are also going to be used to devise, promote and air programs that are full of filth. As a matter of fact, I have to be careful how I use the internet itself so as to not subject myself and my young sons to the same sort of stuff I’m protecting us from by not having cable TV.


We subscribe to Charter Communications, which is pretty big, I think.

Anybody know where to complain about the programming?

I saw a preview on a morning talk show on ABC where Rosie O’Donnell promised that the clip would outrage a good segment of viewers.

She had that right.


I saw the episode in question…you failed to mention the lesbian one night stand, drugging and organ theft, adultery–in 2 different marriages–and the extortion of former “escort”…in addition to the beastiality. Yes…these folks have shocking in the bag–just when you though you’d seen everything. Do you know where your kids are Tuesdays at 10pm?


I wonder how many Evangelical Protestants are complaining to their cable company about having to subsidise Papist Superstition in the form of EWTN?

If you don’t like it don’t watch it.

If you don’t want you kids to see it USE the parental controls on your cable box/TV


I watched it, but mostly because Nip/Tuck is like a soap opera with extremely high production values - hard to tear yourself away from.

Yeah, it was a pretty sick episode, but not much different than what they normally have. I’ll probably still watch it.

I can wholeheartedly understand why no normal parent would have their young children watching, but I don’t really feel compelled to imitate anything on the show.


Nearly twenty years ago, in Chicago channel 38 was a Born Again Christian channel on both normal TV and cable. One afternoon something went flooey on the cable pick-up and for about 12 minutes a pornagraphic station got its reception crossed with Channel 38. (This is a true story, it was on the news that night.) So here were all these Christians listening to elevating spiritual TV suddenly confronted with T&A live and in color for about 12 minutes. Naturally they were shocked and horrified. And about two minutes after the problem was fixed, the cable office was flooded with complaints. Isn’t it interesting that no calls came in before the problem was fixed?

I have one question, were any animals harmed in the making of the program referred to in the first post of this thread?



The show is sick, but I am so hooked. It does have several TV MA warnings…and it doesn’t push immoral values as good. I didnt click the link, but I’m guessing this is about the bestiality storyline. The show is twisted and shocking and I’m one of the few who can stomach it but it’s a dark drama whose underlying message is people continue to try and change or find relationships to fix their lives and in reality we’re all a mess. You couldn’t possibly understand the show unless you’ve watched it for years…yes it pushes every limit available for shock value…but it is a smart, addicting show. And they only air it late at night so I hope to god no little kid comes across it.


No animals harmed. The only scene with the dog is after he’s been dead for hours…a fake dead dog. No bestiality scenes – its not even explicitly stated just implied.


I have found DISH network to be a good alternative. The bare bones package avoids the worst of the deteriorating cable programing while being the only (at the time I got it) basic package with EWTN.


Perhaps a “Nip/Tuck” addicts 12-step recovery group is in order?!? Maybe in March…so potential membership can be fully researched…yeah, that’s the ticket…it has nothing to do with when the current season ends, of course :wink:


The show is twisted and shocking and I’m one of the few who can stomach it but it’s a dark drama whose underlying message is people continue to try and change or find relationships to fix their lives and in reality we’re all a mess.

I’ve never seen the show, nor have I seen Desparate Housewives, but it sounds like this illustrates precisely why the show is evil. Like Desparate Housewives, it fosters hopelessness.

People tried to justify D.H. by saying that it doesn’t glorify immoral behavior. But what’s worse is it paints a picture that our situations are hopeless.


I knew this comment was coming. And yes, you’re right. The show, much more so than DH, does foster hopelessness. Sometimes things go really well but so far every relationship or situation on the show has fallen apart - horribly. I still don’t find it depressing though for some reason - more like fascinating.

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