NK Claims Could Burn Down Manhattan with Hydrogen Bomb



The word “if” is used so maybe there is nothing to worry about? Oh, no worries - the UN Security Council has declared a few more sanctions and they are gonna have a meeting to talk about it. The US Ambassador to the UN (Samantha Power) did say it can’t be business as usual as there have been two hostile and illegal acts.

This is how business as usual is handled under Obama. Sleep well everyone!


This was the largest hydrogen bomb ever tested, is North Korea seriously claiming it has a weapon a thousand times more powerful than that:-


The blast yield from that was as you can see around 50 megatons, so North Korea is claiming it has a weapon that can produce a yield of 50,000 or so megatons. Just a few wee problems with this, if you read the history of the hydrogen bomb you will see why the US and CCCP both didn’t bother scaling them up any further.

The research for this piece of scare-mongering is hilarious, or should I say lack of research. Firstly a bomb that powerful would be ineffective as a great deal of the blast would radiate back into space which is why during the Cold War people stopped building bigger and bigger bombs. Tsar Bomba was as big as it ever got and even it was more of a show of force than a real usable weapon.

However wrote this for the article needs to go and do some research:-

The “H-bomb” is a weapon unlike any other — it is believed to be 1000 times more powerful than the atom bomb dropped on Hiroshima. Countries including China, the US and Russia have hydrogen bombs but have never used one.

No the US and CCCP never used one in war but both tested them. I think H-bombs falling on Manhattan is probably not a major concern that Americans needs to start sweating about.


And the US has enough nuclear weapons to turn every square inch of their country into molten slag a couple of times over… North Korea is full of you know what. And their bluster is just that, bluster. These fools can’t even keep their 50 year old antique submarines from sinking on their own and we’re supposed to lose sleep?



They must really be bored.



"If this H-bomb were to be mounted on an intercontinental ballistic missile and fall on Manhattan in New York City, all the people there would be killed immediately and the city would burn down to ashes.” In other words, Manhattan would look pretty much like most of North Korea does now–desolate and barren.


It was reported over the weekend and yes, by reliable sources, that one of North Korea’s submarines went missing as well, missing or maybe even lost.



Kim Jong Un isn’t insane. He likes being alive and in command. And he knows that if he messed with anybody, we would almost literally sink him into the North Pacific.



Sorry, but I respectfully disagree.

Do you know how many rounds of golf our President would have to miss if he got us into a real shooting war with North Korea?



**Some of us remember that back in the 1950’s United Nations forces in Korea ignored China’s warning that it would send its People’s Army into Korea against the UN forces.
N Korea is more radical and unpredictable now than China was back then, and is probably capable of delivering a nuclear bomb into S. Korea or even Japan.

1000 times the explosive force of the Hiroshima bomb would be 1000 X 15 kt = 15,000 kt. That is 1.5 megatons which is not an unusual number for a two stage thermonuclear device.
Most have been reduced in size because even a 0.5 megaton weapon completely obliterates any target that it is accurately delivered to.

In my opinion, Mr. Kim is insane, at least by western standards. Sanctions will not produce our desired result and may even goad Mr. Kim into acting out his insanity.

Do the names “Fat Man” and “Little Boy” have a prophetic significance about who starts the next nuclear war? **



**FYI: Mr. Obama prefers basketball to golf, one of the reasons that the racists among us dislike him so much. **





I doubt it. His blustery statements have been made since he took office. And his father made similar statements before he died. They seem to get off on them. And at the very least use them to great effect inside the country to perpetuate the cult of personality that they’ve built around their family since his grandfather’s day. Nothing plays better for them than telling off or threatening the great USA. But they’re not stupid. They know acting on those threats will bring them nothing but ruin. From the US, from Japan, from China, from S. Korea and from the world at large. The world has seen fit to let them continue on in their little warped corner of the world there and the Kim family has benefited from that indifference. To engage the west is to ruin that indifference, and very quickly see their little empire come crumbling down. So they’ll do nothing.

No the bigger threat is a pseudo state, like Daesh. A group build not on maintaining a fiction of power, but rather built on death and triggering the end of the world. Setting off H-Bombs and inviting down the wrath of the world’s major governments is right up their alley.


It’s just tough talk.


TY. I stand corrected.


No worry we have Hillary to ask about all these oddities like NK, Russia, Syria, Libya etc …blah …blah …blah.They are probably hungry and its their way of asking for aide. One might ask what ever happened to America…psst the answer is “Obama and Clinton” :shrug:


My pleasure.


The reason for smaller warheads was an increase in accuracy due to improvements in reentry vehicle high beta design, better navigation systems, and primary/secondary minaturization. For counterforce missions, the increase in accuracy meant that the same overpressure damage could be accommodated with smaller warheads. For MAD missions, smaller warheads spaced optimally apart did the same thing. More reentry vehicles per launch vehicle for the ground based and submarine based systems increased targeting options to exploit these improvements dramatically. The Polaris A3 had a cluster release (pre-MIRV “claw”) mechanism that would result in one or more of three (200kt) warheads to hit within a mile of the target, with more resulting damage to hard targets than a single large warhead, and also made the Soviet ABM problem greater.

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