No Absolutes?


Can someone please help me find some Absolute truths in this world? It seems nothing on this planet has any full undisputable truth toward it; I mean even gender isn’t black and white thanks to genetic defect. It seems nothing but a few scientific laws are complete truths.


The only absolute truth is that there are no absolute truths. Which of course is a bit self-contradictory but heh, deal with it.


The only thing I can tell you is read your Bible. The reason that gender does not seem absolute in today’s society along with many many other things is found in the Bible. But, read the NT first if anything. Reading the OT first will just confuse the heck out of you at this point.

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My dear friend

There is an ultimate absolute truth which gives riset to all absolute truths. Below is a post I have on the philosophy forum today.

My dear friend

Well said. Asking why is God love is like asking why do we have reality too. God is reality and therefore love is reality.

My ultimate conclusion to any possible thought, question, experience and every conceivable thing must lead to the conclusion - God is Love, is based on the fact that God is infinitely perfect and does all infinitely perfectly and He possesses infinite knowledge. So a created being either finite or infinite can deduce by looking at, experiencing or thinking about anything that the ultimate conclusion to all is - God is Love.

Therefore the ultimate answer to all is not 42 as on hitchhikers guide to the galaxy, it’s - God is Love.

Truth is eternal. It is not what we make it. We don’t make truth. God is truth.

Hope this helps

May God bless you and keep you:thumbsup::slight_smile:


there are absolute truths that were given to us through revelation. Science can discover truths about the physical world (ie gravity) but not anything beyond it. It can’t answer the “why” questions. such as…why do we exist? etc.

one absolute truth is that there is God… that He is good… that He is Love. That there is good and evil. That there is truth and falsehood. No matter where you go, this will always be true.

God bless


God is truth.

yes, :slight_smile: God is truth, and to know Truth, get to know God.


We have dealt with it. Apparently, you haven’t.


Jesus Christ is Absolute Truth. :yup:

I have found my greatest peace… in His Eucharistic Presence:heart:. I pray the same for you.

God bless.


The lack of absolute truths in the world, the lack of any certain thing which we can cling to and hold fast to, ought to give us greater motivation to cling much more steadfastly to the hope which we have in God. A world without God is without hope (Eph. 2:12).


Well, birth, life, and death are absolute truths, are they not?

All material things have a beginning, an existence, and an end - a ‘birth’ and a ‘death’ if you will. That’s an absolute truth.

But they’re more than mere scientific facts - existence implies reason, purpose and goals. We exist in order to perform certain functions and fulfil certain roles, do certain things. And mere science can’t give us any answers to what they might be except propagation of the species and food for the worms.

That’s where we turn to philosophy and religion to answer the questions as to why we exist.


Yes… they are. Its strange when you try to find truths without luck and there the simplest ones stare at you in the face.

As for admitting God into my life; well that is going slowly but it is taking steps toward him. I wouldn’t say I’m fully trying to get an understanding of my God, but I can feel him pulling me back. I’d say the only thing keeping me from him is the entire human aspect; having to accept that he’d let the majority of his creations misunderstand or completely disobey God.


I believe quite heartily in Absolute Truth. I believe that all Truth is absolute. If a truth is not absolute, it ceases to be Truth. That’s why I’m Catholic.


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