No amputee's?

I was at a web site (Removed link to anti-Christian site per Banned Topics )%between%. And one of their 50 “proofs” for the non-existence of god was that of all the healings done through prayer, none have been of amputee’s. They, of course, argue that that is because there is no god.

My question is: has there ever been an amputee healed? If not, how can I refute this. I have some ideas, but was wondering what others think.

Well, there was the guy whose ear one of Jesus’ followers cut off, and Jesus touched it and it was healed. (Luke 22:51) I don’t know if you call that an amputee though.

So what if there were documented cases of amputees being miraculously cured. Then they would say there were no cases of multi-drug-resistant TB being cured miraculously. Or no cases of autism cured miraculously. Or no cases of bird flu cured miraculously. Or no cases of mad cow disease cured miraculously. Seems like a weak argument to me.

Saint Anthony of Padua one day heard a man confess that he kicked his mother. Saint Anthony replied “A man who kicks his mother is better off to cut off his own foot.” Well the man took it seriously and cut off his foot. So Saint Anthony upon hearing this went to the man’s house and fused the foot back on. I know that they will sy that that is legend, but it is true.

God speed.


what about Jesus healing lepers? I wonder how that worked, if the condition went away or what.

Anyway on the subject of healing, some people were not healed of their physical affliction. Some were healed of problems with sin in their heart, problems of life rather than physical

The picture attached is that of the historic icon Trojerucica or Our Lady with three hands a famous icon in the Serbian Monastery Hilandar, Mt.Athos, Greece. The history of this icon is connected with St**. John Damascene**, the famous religious poet and Orthodox Arab, who lived in 8th century. He served in the castle of Syria’s caliph and he was accused as an enemy of state and his right hand was cut off as a sentence. He was a man of great faith and with love for Mother of God. He prayed in front of this icon for healing and he was healed ! He made a silver right hand and put it on the icon as a symbol of his miraculous healing. He also gave the icon its name. You could run a google search and find the icon or our orthodox friends in this forum could help you out.
God Bless

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I really wouldn’t bother with this page. I clicked the link read 3 “proofs that God doesn’t exist”, they are rediculous.

1st. was ‘consider heaven’ and they say it’s obviously fake but making fun of Left Behind, then pointing out that all christians have a different idea of what heaven is like…as if we don’t all have different ideas of what visiting space would be like, winning a super bowl would be like, etc… and these are all things we can regularly see.

2nd was bashing Pascel’s Wager…which Pascel himself said isn’t a proof of God but instead an interesting idea.

3rd flip a coin 50 times and look at odds. Then pray to Jesus for all heads and flip it 50 times…how did Jesus do?
I’m not even explaining the stupidity there.

This site isn’t even trying to dis-prove God. They are making scarecrows of different parts of the faith then beating them up. I doubt anyone who is sincerly searching would fall for these week arguments…just people looking to talk trash and laugh at Christians.

I think that this kind of website can only cause concern for people that believe that miracles occur all the time e.g. some of the very popular fundamentalist Pentecostal groups.

Most of what these groups claim to be miracles can be more easily explained as being a result of the normal healing process or psychological effects. It’s important to reserve the claim ‘miracle’ for things that cannot be explained in any other manner or else you will rightly be described as making the claim of ‘miracle’ far too willingly.

It is worth asking people like this why God is only healing sprained ankles, upset stomach’s, muscle pain etc. when these are the very illnesses that are most susceptible to the placebo effect whereas restoring amputated limbs would be unlikely to have any other explanation (other than a miracle).

Of course the website is referring to actual, publicly attestable accounts of amputees, not medieval accounts, where there is no evidence, only the account.

If you take a medieval account as true just because it was reported, then you would have to take as true Muhammed ascending into heaven on a flying horse, or the god Vishnu incarnating as Krishna 5000 years ago.

I read the website and he seems to be the jack chick of athiests.

Any argument in favor of the Jack-Chickness of “godisimaginary”? I’m sure there must be bad or irrelevant arguments in the site.

“Proof #6 - Ponder God’s Plan” looks like a candidate. Anyone up to the task here?

The question is whether Catholic miracles are only slightly more sophisticated versions of the psychsomatic effects seized on by Pentecostal type people. So the atheist has actually a real argument - if Catholic healings are miracles, we wouldn’t necessarily expect that physically possible healings would be favoured. However they are. Regeneration of amputated limbs is rare or unheard of, relief of cancer or paralysis fairly common.

However I said “necessarily” expect. There might be reasons why God doesn’t like to materialise things and violate the conservation laws, but does do other types of miracles more freely.

The point of the amputee arguement is that there is no way a documented regeneration of an amputated limb could be anything other than a miracle. There is no ambiguity. However, says the website, every other documented miracle has a great deal of room for coincidence.

Post it up and issue your challenge. I’m up to the task.

Where can I find documentation of this, preferably on the web? I did a Google search but all it brought is this post of yours. Thanks in advance!


Joe. Your fellow Catholic.

On this topic a statement from a Catholic doctor I know:

“I have met many cancer patients and amputees. I have never, ever heard an amputee complain about losing a limb. They always are just grateful they kept their life. It’s just a smart-alec question. They do get healed. If the wound did not heal they would bleed out and die. Their limbs may not grow back, but they do get healed.”

It is a smart-alec question and there are not many serious atheists who will question you about this…Make sure they not are just trolls :wink:


So THAT’S why we’ve had this sudden (!?) influx of atheists talking about a lack of “reattached limbs” as what they “need” as an acceptable proof of God!

I should have figured that out. Silly me!


This makes perfect sense.To pray for the regrowth of an amputated limb(which as the DR.says was cured)makes as much sense as a bald man to pray for his hair to grow back,or a short woman to pray to be taller.Please thank that doctor for putting this now non-conundrum into perspective.

The apologist answered this question - not sure how to link to it.
But one of the things he suggested is this - if a limb regrew would you have ANY CHOICE but to believe it was miraculous? Could you come to ANY other conclusion? No? Then that means your free will went to zip - And GOd’s not about that. :slight_smile:

IOW - heads we win, tails they lose :o Which is awkward as reasoning.

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