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An interesting article to discuss whichever side one leans toward. Hopefully we all lean heavenward…


Crickets. I see no one wants to touch this, but the laity does have a responsibility to do SOMETHING. I just don’t know exactly how the laity can turn this around.

CCC 898 "By reason of their special vocation it belongs to the laity to seek the kingdom of God by engaging in temporal affairs and directing them according to God’s will. . . . It pertains to them in a special way so to illuminate and order all temporal things with which they are closely associated that these may always be effected and grow according to Christ and maybe to the glory of the Creator and Redeemer."431
CCC 909 "Moreover, by uniting their forces let the laity so remedy the institutions and conditions of the world when the latter are an inducement to sin, that these may be conformed to the norms of justice, favoring rather than hindering the practice of virtue. By so doing they will impregnate culture and human works with a moral value."447


As laity, we do not have any say in who are church leaders are or will be. No, the abuses and issues will not die out. We can only pray that the Trinity will be more active in promoting a better church. The church has had problems before 1950. It is not just the generations raised in 1950, 1960, and 1970 or post-Vatican 2. The blame game does not solve the issues/problems. This site seems to believe that all problems are due to Vatican 2, it is not the truth. I am finished with my rant for now.


I thought this article was well done. Certainly we had problems before Vatican II or else there wouldn’t have been a widespread “taking advantage” of the Council so quickly, so widely, and so thoroughly. But it did bring the problems out into the open. We do need to pray, no doubt about that. However, there do occur instances where laity can make a difference. There are times when these priest try to trample upon the rights of the laity, and we should resist that. The laity can teach and practice prudence so that our children aren’t caught in traps. We can and should form deep friendships with our good priests. There are lots of things we CAN do, though there are many things we cannot.


Maybe you could start the discussion with your own thoughts?


I suggested the Catechism quotes above as a point of beginning. Clearly, the laity has a role in sanctifying the institutional church. We are to ‘engage in temporal affairs … directing them according to God’s will…’

Here is a start. We the laity pay for everything in the Church. Perhaps it is time to place more control on our checkbooks.


I’d like to see the churches take first time offenders and throw them in the catacombs under the Vatican to spend the rest of their days living on bread and water as penance.

I don’t think that’ll happen though.


We have enough multiple offenders to remove from ministry. How about starting there? I have a relative that was molested by the priest on First Communion day. This is much more serious than most people want to acknowledge. Where is our courage to deal with this?


No idea. I’d like to see them hung by the neck until dead but I don’t see that gaining much traction.


My suggestion is that the laity use the power of the pocketbook. Why can’t we be like Swimmy the Fish? Here are all the small fishes chasing away the predator fish.


The laity isnt nearly furious enough. Part of it is a deferential “father knows best” attitude and part of it is just being numb at this point.


I certainly do not fully understand the sexual abuse scandal. However, if that is the topic let’s stay on topic. I see a number of factors coming into play from the beginning: secrecy - the bishops felt they had to keep thing secret or it would cause scandal. Well there are no secrets any more.
A belief than priest who abuses could be reformed. Despite the best efforts of doctors and confessors that has not been the case. The church knows that now.
Lastly, the Bishops allowed active homosexuals to seek the priesthood. Again, I think the church felt these men could be cured. I am not sure we have a consensus on how to handle future applicants but I am hopeful that Bishops will proceed with caution.
I am confident that most diocese have but in testing and screening procedures that will reduce the likelihood of future incidents. Safe environment training will make it very hard for a priest to be alone with anyone who is venerable. So I think the problem with priest abuse is a dying issue. The fact that Cardinals are being exposed is a sign of that IMO.


There are still secrets. To believe otherwise is quite naive. The safe environment training focuses on the laity, not the clergy, most of all, not the bishops.


What so you mean?


The laity is far too obsequious.


Encouraging more people to pray for our leaders. More laity to forgive failings.


Uh, no. The laity was instrumental in my archdiocese to blow the whistle(s) and get a huge snowball going to uproot and expose a sad cover up situation. Some of them really suffered for it, but are now vindicated. As a teacher of young seminarians, I have also been in many situations where my informal (and formal) assessment has been asked for and been influential. The laity has been through a whole lot here and our eyes are open now. I can assure you that the vigilance of the laity here will be quite high into the future.


As the laity it is our children that are being raped and molested by these priest. The church has know since the 50’s and it became widespread known in the 80. The church needs to release all and I mean every single one of them, records of any priest that has been accused of raping our kids. Cardinal McCarrick if found guilty in a US State court of law in which those crimes might have taken place, then he needs to spend the rest of his life in jail. Along with any other Priest that has raped a child. Praying isnt going to solve the problem, demand these perverts go to jail will solve it. Vat II may very well not have been the cause but praying isnt the solution


Pederasty has been around since the beginning of time. St Peter Damien wrote “The Book of Gomorrah” to address the same issue.

Now that we have the internet, we are able to do something about it. Two saints that come to mind are St Mary MacKillop and St Joseph Calasanz. The latter was accused of cover-ups, but was cleared, and the former suffered as a whistle blower.

The Rosary of Our Lady’s Tears has never been known to fail. It was recommended for this day and age.

One of our emerging charism’s Ministries is in the contemplative branch, and will hopefully lead to a new community dedicated to St John Cassian. Their specific Ministry is to make Reparation for the clergy sex abuse scandal. Their female counterpart is the LaSallette Ministry, also in the contemplative branch. We pray it will lead to a new community dedicated to Our Lady of LaSallette.

Punishment, yes, but true Justice is changing the thought process of those committing the crimes.

Mrs Cloisters OP
Lay Dominican


How do we do that without harming the vast majority of the Church that does great work>

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