No Birth Certificate Required - Pro-Choice White House Requires Registration of Unborn Children for Tours


"No Birth Certificate Required - Pro-Choice White House Requires Registration of Unborn Children for Tours

The White House Visitors Office requires that an unborn child—still residing in utero—must be counted as a full human being when its parents register for a White House tour, according to documents obtained by the Washington Free Beacon."…

Blue excerpt from:

This just sounds strange. What if a woman doesn’t know she’s pregnant? Will she have to go back and register the child as a visitor once she finds out?

It’s one of those things that makes me wonder how much of the story we’re getting. It sounds to me like the White House wants intel to send well wishes to mom around the time of the baby’s birth. :shrug:

BTW, although the term White House used as a term for the president and president’s administration, it’s actually a National Heritage Site property owned by the National Park Service. They’re the one organizing and giving tours to those fetuses. So if anyone is wackadoodle here, it’s the NPS.


It is very strange. In fact, I started to put it in Back Fence initially because I wasn’t sure if it was serious or fluff. I’m still not really sure.

It is certainly wackadoodle, whoever is behind it.

OMG. This just shows the absolute hypocrisy of the pro choice Obama admin.

Here is the Lifenews article about it, it is serious:

The Director of the White House Visitor’s Office, Ellie Shafer, today distributed an email newsletter to members of Congress and others providing detailed instructions on how to register an unborn child (“a baby that has not yet been born,” as Shafer puts it) into the security system the White House uses to arrange group tours.

The full email appears below:

We have received a number of calls regarding how to enter security information for a baby that has not yet been born.
Crazy as it may sound, you **MUST** include the baby in the overall count of guests in the tour. It’s an easy process.
LAST NAME: The family’s last name
    * FIRST NAME: “Baby” as a first name
    * MIDDLE NAME: NMN as in No Middle Name
    * DOB: Use the date you are submitting the request to us as their birthday
    * GENDER: if the parents know put that gender down if not, you can enter either M or F as we’ll ask you to update it at the time of birth
    * SOCIAL: As they will not have a SSN and are under 18, you will not need to enter this field. Again if the spreadsheet asked for a social enter 9 zero’s (not the word nine zeros but 000000000 and yes it happens!)
    * CITIZEN/CITY/STATE: The citizen, city and state should be entered the same as the parents

The tours for which people are registering their fetuses are organized and carried out by the National Park Service, not Obama. Direct your ire at them. He and his family simply live there.

The White House Visitors office is the one requiring the info. they are not part of the NPS. They report to the Presidents Chief of Staff.

Hopefully they are not passing the information on to abortion providers for marketing purposes

We’ll see how long before this is proven to be a hoax, given the blogs/fake news sources

I doubt they would have reported this if it were false.

It is a single simple phone call to check.

How about you call and check for us?


So of it is true what do you think about such a policy?

There’s not enough info in the articles to form an opinion.

While it is not fake, it is also not the complete picture.

The email being quoted is only part of a thread. What is not clear is if this policy applies to all pregnant women or only for those women that have specifically asked about it because the baby will be born by the time the tour takes place? You can register for White House tours 6 months in advance. Many of the sites featuring a screenshot of the email have conveniently cut off the bottom of it. The rest of the email goes on to say, “Once the baby is born you should send an email to the VO inbox with your tour request ID number, the baby’s given name, their actual birthday and gender. We can then update the newborn’s guest information within our system. Please note that any changes to security information for newborns must be made at lease 48 hours in advance.”

What is also unclear is which administration established this policy.

If you’re not telling the whole truth, you might as well be lying.

Thanks. As I suspected, the article is a lie. Where did you get this fuller info?

It does not matter - the White house is acknowledging that the unborn baby is a human being. For once, I completely agree with the White House on an issue.

What in the article was a lie?

As someone living in the DC area, I hope I can shed some light on this matter. In the pre-9/11 days, you could simply walk up to monuments, the White House, even the FBI Offices in DC for a tour. Since 9/11, though, advanced ticketing is required for everything, even going up the Washington Monument. Since trips to DC, especially by schools or adult groups, are typically planned some time in advance, it could be 3-6 months (if not more) from when you reserve space until you actually go on the tour.

So let’s look at a couple who is waiting to find out the sex of their 8-month old fetus, due in ta month. They want to book a tour for the White House 4 months from now. Their child will be born then, so they need a separate ticket for the newborn. So, do you force them to wait a month to book, and risk not getting tickets? Or do you let them reserve a space for their newborn, with the assumption the child will be born by the time of the tour?

Even 3 months gives you some time, but assume they are trying to do the tour 2 weeks after the baby is born. That is definitely to short of a time to reserve tour tickets. So how do you reserve a space for a human being that isn’t born yet? You provide generic information (i.e. family last name) until the baby is born, at which time you fill in the specifics (sex, DOB, etc).

I understand the interesting nature of the article given the view of pre-born children by the Obama administration. And regardless of whether it is the NPS or White House Staff, all this means is that they are reserving a space for a human who isn’t born yet, and unfortunately, that doesn’t provide any recognition to a fetus as a human being.

White House is acknowledging that there is an unborn baby in a pregnant woman that even though residing in the woman, is worthy of being recognized individually in registration. White House Visitors Office director Ellie Schafer said the word ‘baby’ twice, not fetus or a bunch of cells.

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