No body else asks questions like that! have you ever had someone tell you that?


No body else asks questions like that? Have you ever had someone tell you that? So they would shut you down?


It would be helpful to know what the topic of your question was.


Well it happens here.
No 1 asks questions like that!!


Perhaps you might try reading a few threads to get a feel for the forums rather than posting thread after thread.


Thanks but my questions are not your questions


Hmm. Yes, I agree with you. No one posts questions like you do.


Perhaps not, but much of what you ask has been canvassed elsewhere. Further, your style of questioning and engagement with responses is not typical of this site.

In polite society, no one walks into a crowded room and immediately tries to monopolize the entire conversation. That is how I perceive your particular style of engagement with the forum.

@anon90438963 - Happy birthday!


Hey thanks! I’m fasting today and was a little set back when I saw the cake! At least it is virtual.


See ya’ next year!


Huh?..I don’t get it


You will have to wait until January of next year for an answer from the OP as he is suspended.


Oh dang…

I missed something for sure.


I am not sure what you are referring to but sometimes people use phrases as a catch all in certain circumstances. So perhaps if people are stumped by a question they could reply with the phrase you mentioned as a stop gap when they have not thought out a more reasonable response.

As mentioned I am not sure if this fits in with the question but there are a whole number of stop gap phrases that can be repeated in conversation and at some stage it can unfortunately be a substitute for thinking.

I heard the story once of a Chinese king who gave his advisors the task to come up with a witty phrase that the king could use at almost any time where he might be stumped for words but still wanted to appear wise and knowing.

From memory the advisers came up with something like ‘This too shall pass’.

So perhaps for the case that you mention about people shutting you down by saying no one else asks such questions - don’t worry, this too shall pass.’ :stuck_out_tongue:

It is amazing how many times you can repeat these types of stock phrases and sayings without actually thinking. :slight_smile:


Are you suggesting that your questions are the most tantalizing, sensation and avant garde we’ve ever seen? I rather like mine best.



Wicked, wicked, wicked…:joy::joy::joy:


What happened?


I don’t recall exactly. He was just causing trouble and got punished. :man_shrugging:t2:


How come you replied so fast?


I’m omnipresent… image


But you are not here.

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