No Catholic stations on ITUNES

they only have 3 to 4 catholic stations and they’re all in french, the only station they had in English was removed from their religious radio stations.
this really sucks cause everything else in there is protestant and i have to go look for other Catholic radio stations on the net so i can get a proper Christian knowlege.
any one know why itunes decided to get rid of ewtn radio?

BEcause Steve Jobs is Lutheran :smiley:

LOL… thought he was a hippie :smiley:

I thought I was the only one who was upset with this. I am an iTunes junkie. I play all my choons on it.

Go to the iTunes Store, enter “catholic” in the search window the click on Podcasts. Several will come up: Catholic Answers Live (!!!), The SaintCast, Catholic under the Hood (I highly recommend), The Rosary Army, The Catholic Laboratory, &c, &c, &c.

I thought they had Christian stations. Aren’t Catholics Christians? I sort of chuckle because we get mad when Protestants don’t consider us Christians, yet we don’t want to be considered Christian when listening to music. :slight_smile: Now, if there were only a Baptist station, or a Lutheran one I could see. But a Christian station would seem to encompass all of Christianity ,

yes we are Christian but protestant stations don’t give us the full truth and teaching of Jesus and his 2000 yr old Church, i cannot and will not go to the darkside ever again. :stuck_out_tongue:

Can you imagine if they had a station for every denomination though? I mean, not all Lutherans believe the same theology as the Baptist, and the same goes for the Methodists, Mormons, etc.!!

As was stated in a previous post, there are plenty of Catholic podcasts on iTunes, especially those associated with the SQPN network founded by Fr. Roderick from the Netherlands (some of these podcasts were mentioned by didymus above). The Break with Fr. Roderick show (formerly The Daily Breakfast) is very good, as well as his “Secrets of” series of progams dealing with popular media such as Star Trek, Star Wars and Harry Potter, among others.

I have a solution for you.

You can stream many radio stations through iTunes yourself and they will appear in your music library. If you go to a radio station’s website, they will probably have a “listen live” link, which you can often copy and paste into iTunes. In iTunes, go to “Advanced” -> “Open Audio Stream” and paste the “listen live” url there and it will appear in your library.

The url for St. Gabriel Radio, an EWTN affiliate from Columbus, OH is

If you want to save some steps, just copy that url into “Open Audio Stream” and listen away!

Hey hello to fellow SQPN’ers,

And Yes, there are 3 or 4 U.S. Catholic Radio stations on iTunes another of which is “Immaculate Heart Radio” which I bring up when I’m away from a radio especially during the 8pm Rosary.

Also start paying attention to your local area station commercials: a popular SF bay area classical music station has just started advertising slick"Planned Parenthood" advertising. and have immediately stopped listening.

Search “what does the prayer really say”

Fr. Z doesn’t update it very often, but it is very good when he does.

I wasn’t aware of EWTN being taken off…

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