No challenge expected on Missouri abortion law


JEFFERSON CITY, MO. — A new Missouri law requiring a 72-hour abortion waiting period is set to take effect this week, and the state’s only licensed abortion clinic isn’t planning to try to stop it.

Although Planned Parenthood officials have denounced the Missouri law as “onerous” and “burdensome” for women, the organization isn’t planning to file a lawsuit before the measure takes effect Friday. That’s because abortion-rights groups have determined that their chances of success aren’t that good.

“We’ve had our national attorneys from all of the leading women’s health organizations in the country work with us, and we have a consensus that we do not have a route at this time to go to court and to stop this law from going into effect — as disappointing and as frustrating as that is,” said Paula Gianino, president and CEO of Planned Parenthood of the St. Louis Region and Southwest Missouri.


Some states have up to a 14 day waiting period to buy a handgun but waiting 72 hours before killing a baby is “onerous” and “burdensome”? What a sick society we live in.


Does the 72 hour waiting period apply to private doctors and their patients, or only to “clinics”?


We need to remember always that there is the Highest Law and He will render each one His Judgement! It seems a great many people have forgot, never knew or don’t wish to know that God is the Highest Law. We will all come to know with certainty. Only evil at its worst kills a human soul in the womb with impunity. We must continue to tell the truth even if it seems to have been discarded. I think I am praying more than making a comment. The sorrow for the sins leading to abortion is heavy. What a joy to celebrate life!


Good job Missouri! Having to wait 72 hours after getting all of the information “burdensome”?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Its a very big decision; a life is on the line!


Seriously, and even if you deny the life of the child, you would think the fact that so many women who get abortions later regret their decision and end up needing counseling to help get over their abortion would make those who claim to act “for women” see this as a good thing.




It applies to all abortions.


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