No Charges to Be Filed Against Colorado Man Who Shot Intruder

"COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — A Colorado Springs resident will not be charged for fatally shooting an intruder who tried to break into a home that he apparently thought was his, prosecutors said Tuesday.

James Parsons is protected under Colorado’s “Make My Day” law, which allows people to use deadly force in self-defense in their home against intruders, according a statement from the 4th Judicial District Attorney’s Office.

Parsons shot 22-year-old Sean Kennedy, an assistant golf pro at a Colorado Springs golf course, on Dec. 28. Kennedy had been drinking that night and apparently thought he was breaking into his own house, which was a block away.

Police handed over the case to the district attorney’s office, which determined Parsons had “reasonable belief” that he and his girlfriend were in danger.

Prosecutors said Kennedy broke a window in the back door and was reaching inside to unlock it. Two dogs inside barked persistently as the couple shouted for him to leave. The ordeal lasted more than four minutes.

“A reasonable person in those circumstances would have believed that [Kennedy] was going to do a crime against them or property,” said newly elected District Attorney Dan May, who oversaw the review of the shooting.

Kennedy had been drinking at a Colorado Springs golf course, and his blood-alcohol level was more than three times the legal limit for driving in Colorado when he pulled up to the Parsons’ house in his pickup truck, The Gazette newspaper reported.

Friends and family members believe Kennedy thought he had arrived at his own home, which he shared with roommates.

He got out of his pickup and began shouting and beating on Parsons’ door.

“[Kennedy] continued to beat and pound on the door, during which time the resident told his girlfriend to call 911, and he went into the bedroom to get his gun, a revolver,” the DA’s office said.

Kennedy went to the back of the house, forced open a screen door, smashed a window and was reaching to unlock the deadbolt, investigators said. Parsons then shot at him three times.

Two bullets went through Kennedy’s arm and into his torso, May said.",2933,484267,00.html

I heard the 911 call this morning on the news. What this couple went through was truly horrifying. Who knew what this crazed guy would’ve done had he made it into their home. It was a miracle he didn’t kill anyone driving there. I’m surprised to see self-defense is still legal.

yeah i saw this on the news today. i couldnt believe someone was actually mad at the prosecutor for following the law. yeah someone yealls, bangs, breaks the glass, and tries to unlock the door he’s asking for trouble.

its a sad loss of life, but with a blood alcohol of over .2 this guy put himself in a position to get in trouble. i like beer but people need to learn their limits. the woman on the news said he was less of a threat because of it! how would he reacted if he thought he was in his home and found 2 strangers? if being drunk were an excuse intoxicated manslaughter charges wouldnt exist.

sad indeed but im glad the man was ‘allowed’ to defend his home and family.

At least for now he was allowed to defend his home. With the Obamaites in power, that could change in the future.

What a sad loss of life. If the guy thought he was breaking into his own house, I guess he wasn’t an armed intruder. That’s why I have a ‘priest’ for a non-lethal deterrent.* Imagine saying ‘oops’ after you cap someone.

It would have been better if this situation had ended without a loss of life.

The same sort of thing happened several years ago in Chicago. A nice little old lady got off a plane a Midway and gave the driver a wrong address. I don’t recall how she got in the house but she made a meal and was upstairs taking a nap before she realized it was not her daughter’s house, by a woman downstairs yelling at her kids for making a mess in the kitchen. It did not sound like her daughter, whose kids were grown.

Somehow the woman got out the house without being detected. Good thing she was not shot.

*A ‘priest’ is a small club that looks like a miniature baseball bat, used to club fish senseless after catching them.

that is a big assumption to make. he didnt think he was an intruder, but there is no way the homeowner could have known he was unarmed.

while a gun could be seen as excessive we have to remember this man had a wife to protect, and i have not actually seen him. it is quite possible that he would be incapable of defending himself with melee combat, especially against a fairly large 22 year old(i did see some pictures of him).

while i agree its tragic, in the end this young man put himself into this situation, and we dont have a right to blame the homeowner for a reasonable and legal response.

This was hardly an innocent mistake. This man was loaded. He was pounding on the front door screaming obscenities. He was about to break his way into the house. Who knows what he would’ve done when he walked in what he thought was his house in this crazed state to find two strangers. These people did the only thing they could do to protect themselves. They were in a total state of horror. The scariest part to me is that he DROVE all the way there. This all could have been avoided if he had acted like a responsible human being. And don’t blame this on his youth. I’m younger than he is, and I would never risk innocent lives this way.

Well, never say never, as they say. It’s only by the Grace of God that we aren’t in that man’s postion, which, right about now, is probably supine in the morgue.

A crying shame.

"Friday, January 30, 2009
A Bayonne woman’s scream may have scared off a would-be intruder to her West 57th Street house early Wednesday morning, reports said.

The woman told police she woke up some time before 9 a.m. to the sound of someone repeatedly ringing her doorbell, reports said.

When she went to the front door she saw a hand come through the mail slot and feel around for the door handle, reports said.

Then the woman heard the sound of breaking glass on the side of her house and assumed the would-be intruder was trying to enter through her side door, at which point she screamed and ran into her bedroom and locked herself in, reports said.

Police said the woman reported the incident at 9 a.m. and that when they arrived, they found a window on the side of the house had been shattered, reports said."

You drink, you lose.:shrug:
Sounds like an entry for the Darwin Awards.

Great example for all women. When in danger of attack in your own home:scream, lock yourself in the bedroom & cower til the cops arrive.
Meanwhile the intruders are free to roam the neighborhood looking for more victims to prey on.

It’s by the Grace of God I wasn’t killed by this man on the highway. It’s by my own choices that I wasn’t shot while intruding into an innocent person’s home.

It would have been better if the deceased didn’t get wasted.

You have a sap in case someone thinks he’s breaking into his own house? What do you do have for someone burglarizing yours?

Why would you assume that someone breaking in in the middle of the night is unarmed? How on earth would you know that he’s not got a gun in his pocket where you can’t see it? And why would you get close enough to use a sap on someone who might have a pistol?

I’d assume that a burglar at 2:00AM is armed, and if he’s not, I wouldn’t say, over his body, “opps”, but “tough luck, you moron”, and my biggest concerns would be squaring the incident with the police and the cost of carpet cleaning.

very true. if being drunk is no excuse for driving accidents then it cant be an excuse for things like this. unless he was held down while liquor was poured down his throat then he made the decesions that led to this.

And whatever happened to the “seamless garment” of COMPLETE respect for ALL human life, from conception until NATURAL death.

Self-defense does show respect for life. It’s punks like this who don’t respect anyone’s life. Think about how many people he could’ve killed.

Self defense is part of Catholic teaching.

That’s it. I don’t want to kill anyone, particularly in my home. If a person wants to cart off my TV, I’d prefer he or she did not. But I really don’t want to kill someone over it.

I’m not suggesting people react as the woman in Bayonne did. I just want to show that there are contemporary reports of home breakins being ending without the use of lethal force and without society losing a life, no matter how worthless that person may be considered.

I notice how you always conveniently word things this way. You always avoid the issue of if someone were to want to do intentional harm to you or your family, you always divert the topic to a TV set or some other mere possession.

Its a nice tactic.

Well to put things bluntly I do not want to kill someone EVER. Especially over material possessions.

But it does say in the Catechism that we are supposed to protect INNOCENT lives. While I would certainly hope to never be in the position of having to protect the lives of my family, neighbors or myself, I would hope that I could effectively do it. If that involved the use of a firearm to stop the attack then that is fine with me.

So will you use a firearm to save your life or the life of your family if that is what you have available?

So it’s OK to firebomb an abortion place then? (I know it’s not, but following your train of logic, it would be)

No. That is not self-defense.

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