No Chicago Olympics!

yahoo!!! i can sleep well tonight!!

I hope RIO gets it.

Chicago is too corrupt and crime ridden.

I am so happy. Barack + Michelle + Oprah = a Big Fat Zero :thumbsup: :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

I am surpised, but pleased. I figured there was no way obama would go to denmark and put the prestige of the President of the US on the line unless he laready knew Chicago was going to win.

I am pleased that people of Illinois and ultimately the US taxpayers are not going to get stuck with the bill for enriching Obamas Chicago cronies .

Wouldn’t having the Olympics in Chicago bring a lot of revenue and job opportunity to the US?

That might have been a good thing for the US.

Too bad it didn’t work out.

Wow. Have you been to Brazil or Rio in particular? Chicago is not even close.

It does not. On the news last night… it actually is a money loser by the time all the things are built.
Would have cost billions. With the corruption in Chicago… and Obama handing out US tax dollars… it would have been a mess.
He went to payback his corrupt friends who would have made millions and millions off the olympics.

Nope… but South America has NEVER had the olympics. Give them a shot.

Madrid would be neat too… so … either way it goes.

Cant imagine anything worse than Chicago but Rio wont cost me a dime of my tax dollars to fund corruption.

You are absolutely right.

I’m so happy that Obama lost. I feel like celebrating. :clapping: :rotfl::rotfl:

In the first vote no less.

I wonder if there is a statement being made here.

:thumbsup: yep! this makes my day to know those 3 thought all of their star power could sway the vote for Chicago. glad those people were not as gullible as so many of the american voters were last year.

If he is in a bad mood when he gets back to the United States, there is no telling what he will do to us. He can’t kick the dog, so he will need to take it out on us.

[Where was ACORN? Is it true that he used a teleprompter when he gave his speech? Did she really use as a justification her father’s illness? ]

Looks like Rio got it.

I would certainly think several statements are being made; perhaps there’s a feeling that it’s time to look to South America; perhaps there was a little anti-Americanism, as well.

One of the correspondents did say that apparently the Rio contingent was urging voters to vote for Tokyo on the first ballot, thereby eliminating what they felt was their strongest competition (Chicago. It worked!)

:rotfl: good point! what will he add to the health care bill to take it out on us?!
i saw what she said about her Dad too. i didn’t see the point in that. why would you go for the sympathy factor? bet this was a wake up call for the dream team of Barack, Michelle, and Oprah.

May I ask a dumb question…why is this a good thing? In your opinions? I guess I don’t get it:confused: I mean if you’re an Illinois taxpayer (which I used to be) I can see the objection but, if you’re not I don’t quite understand why would this have been a bad thing:shrug:

Well when 45% of people in Illinois didnt want the games… that couldnt have helped…

Throw in the arrogance factor…and I am not surprised.

We got to Page TWO without anybody saying that it’s Bush’s fault!!??! :smiley:

It would have cost ALL AMERICANS. Mayor of Chicago said… 'it wont cost the local taxpayers a dime"… which is hard to believe anyway…but who exactly would have paid the billions neded to build all the stuff the olympics needs?

Obama owes these crooks… Axelrod, Jarrett… all stood to make MILLIONS off of thier slum properties that would be torn down and turned into the olympic village.

All of America would have paid for it… Obama would have called it a stimulous or something just as ridiculous and sent OUR money to that corrupt city.

That is why he went to Denmark… it was to payback the crooks in Chicago.

Ok. But wouldn’t it have been good for IL and surrounding states as well? Don’t federal funds go to any big project like this, stadiums, etc? Aren’t the Chargers in San D going to get some emergency finds for a new stadium? Doesn’t that cost all Americans? I’m truly asking, because I don’t get why this ‘was’ such a big deal…maybe I’m missing something:shrug:

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