No Clubhouse or Back Fence?


I’d like to see a return of some sort of fellowship forum, similar to the clubhouse or back fence. One of the old CAF’s best strengths was that it gave Catholics, Catechumens, and non-catholics a wonderful place to fellowship and develop online and real-life friendships. It was wonderful to know that I could blow off steam or talk about non church related topics or play a game in a Christian environment.

Is there any chance that we might get a general discussion forum, or a return of the back fence and clubhouse?


I’m sad to not see it. Very sad.


We might have to start looting and burning stuff before they give us what we want. I’ll take the logo in the upper left hand corner, and maybe start some fires in In The News and Catholic Living. In fact, I’ll start one right here.


I haven’t been here for quite some time and I’m very sad to see these awful changes. Cold and dry.


Just take everything that isn’t nailed down


Agree, we need a Back Fence & Clubhouse Forum. Also, did anyone see how to send a “Friendship Request”?


This format sucks. CAF should have at least improved the format. Personally, I think this webpage has the best forum lagout. I frequent them a lot for my other hobby.


I’m not a fan of the color scheme, but it does seem to be laid out nicely.


Actually that’s quite nice. Testing it quickly with my mobile tester it adapts to mobile if detected.


I remember someone (maybe Usige?) said how we could change the background color. Wondering how to do it now, the white is way too bright


And remember: if you can pry it up, it’s not nailed down


It’s a profile setting I believe.


Got it. The DARK is MUCH MUCH MUCH better.


I checked in Profile Setting, couldn’t find where to change background.


It’s under the label that says ‘interface’.


I will agree with pianistclare. Dark is better.


Are there no moderators? Can we do whatever? :slight_smile:


Found it, thanks. Darker is better on the eyes.


In the profile, across the top, on the right it says “Preferences”. Click on that, the in the next screen, on the left, click on “Interface”


Thanks, I did find it.

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