No Clubhouse or Back Fence?


Hi mikekle,

You can click on your own username to get to your own personal forum usage information.

When you do that, you should get a page that shows different links on it, like Summary, Activity, and so on, across the top of the page, going from left to right.

When you click on Activity, you’ll see where your replies to posts are.

Some of us have avatars that we uploaded to the CAF website to use next to our usernames.

When you upload an avatar, it takes the place of the letter of the alphabet next to your username.


I can’t find my settings/profile. Do you know how to get there? Thank you!


I think you click on your own icon up at the right (don’t know the correct terminology) and then your own user name. Then preferences come up and you can find your profile from there. Not sure if I am remembering the order correctly, but hope this helps a bit.


Think this could be a case of not appreciating what you have until it is gone… I am really lost here now and not liking it at all. Sad.


Just found the emojis. Hmm. Some non traditional family choices there. Not liking that. This is still a Catholic forum, right? Not seeing Catholic emojis or at least faith-related emojis, but maybe just that–not seeing them and they are still available?


For those who were following the old baseball thread in Back Fence, I’ve started a new one in Popular Media. Figured it was the best fit.


Click on your avatar at the top right, then click your name. You’ll be brought to your profile page where you can change settings.


This is an interesting change. I was just able to edit, even though it has been awhile since I first posted this reply. Is there no editing time limit anymore? That will make things interesting…



Experimenting here. Trying to quote my own post just to see how this works. May work, may fail. We’ll see.


Ah. There it is. Worked this time. I think. I thought “block quote” meant quoting the entire post… Obviously, not. But, I found the correct item. What does “block quote” mean, though? And, what is it used for?


I’m going to try a double block quote!


Looks like your double block quote worked… It also looks like it worked the way I thought it did…

Mercy, I am so confused! I don’t like change… Maybe if I were more computer literate, that would help. Having to relearn is not fun for me… Sigh. But, I guess I’ll keep trying.


If it’s any consolation, learning new things, including computer programs, is very good for the brain cells. Actually creates new ones. Like playing the piano or learning a language, etc. Not that I am saying learning this site format is on a par with learning the piano…please. But I intend to eagerly keep at it. It will get easier and easier. :baby_chick: It will take months to try out all of the ‘emoji’ right? :cat:

(test of posting photo - I took it)


one thing, all those people with tens of thousands of posts just got shot back to 0. Makes me feel less inadequate.


this is not the username of the new account I set up. This is an OLD username from years ago. This new site is weird


Well, … put it back! You don’t know where it’s been! And it looks kind of slimy, doesn’t it?


Where are the emojis?I Haven t yet found them…
Or do you mean photos or pix to replace the S in your name?


In the editor they are under the smiley face next to the gear (second icon to from the right).

If you start typing a : it will start showing you emoji’s. As you type it will narrow down the list. You can see some of the emoji SwizzleStick referenced by typing :couple and you will start seeing the same sex emoji in the popup.

There aren’t any Catholic specific ones right now. They have the ones included out of the box which are based on a secular standard. They can be re-added, but I don’t know if that is in @cawebmaster’s plans or not.


Thank you,Usige !!!


I think the same sex couple emojis were just probably some sort of default that came with the forum software. I doubt CAF will keep them in long now that they’re noticed.

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