No Clubhouse or Back Fence?


I agree. Easier on the eyes.


Oh I know they are. There are ways to override them, but I don’t know that they can be removed. I’ve only skimmed through the code, but I don’t remember anything that might allow them to be deleted outright.


I’ve only skimmed through the code, but I don’t remember anything that might allow them to be deleted outright. They might override them though.


I don’t like this format at all.i miss already the backfence and reading new members intro .I may not frequent this website any is so confusing and arid !


It seems to me the emojis are the same as what you get on a tablet or smart phone.


It looks like it depends on the emoji. It replaces this one :grin:, but not this one :person_fencing:



just get them off the internet


l keep one you posted long ago and I loved : " Run to the Hills!". And still laugh when I see it,Follow Christ.



This one!! Loved it…


Good to see you Gracie! I have not seen you in awhile! I just came back myself, sort of. That does bring back memories. I believe it was during the Presidential campaign.


Good to see you too!!
I do not remember when it was,but I do remember how much you made me laugh with this sort of stuff!
And I loved the flowers and the writings you signed with.


We need a Clubhouse, for those that don’t take life to serious,please oh please,


Surely back fence & off topic will come back ?
That’s a big chunk of what attracts me to the site,


Hi @phil_at_dayboro,

It’s nice to see you here!

I’m so glad that you made it here!

Don’t feel bad…

It seems like there’s a learning curve for all of us here. It will take some time for us to figure things out here.

Regarding the Club house/Back Fence, someone had started a thread requesting that they be brought back to the forum, and some of us posted on the thread, so we can hope that our requests have been heard. :slightly_smiling_face:


I agree with this. We should start gaming in the Catholic Life section…:grin:…after all, Catholics need a life, too…gaming was fun and one of the best aspects of CAF


That’s the same problem I had. I had to create a new account because my e-mail was hooked up to 2 separate accounts, and the system hooked my e-mail with my original account, not my new one, so back to zero for me too.


Already have an entire thread based on that. It was of the first things I checked because those emojis were my favorite

It’s more effort than using the emojis they provide, but if I just bookmark it and open it up in another window it’s not that bad. I am still able to use them so I’m satisfied.

(however, you can only place them on one line at a time with nothing else on that line)


Zoooooooooooooom! :wheelchair: :wheelchair: :wheelchair:


It would be nice if the forum was in this format. This new CAF format sucks.


I found it, thank you!!!

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