No Clubhouse or Back Fence?


I was able to change it, thank you!!!


Agreed…I miss my friends…


Agree, I miss those forums.


Dude, I’ll get out muh controllers for muh Xbox, we’ll get out them RPGs and we will game all night.
Hardcore. Legit. Dab it up. And all that teenager jazz.

But seriously, can we get a clubhouse. Pretty please with sugar on top.


Hi my Friend

Thanks for the message ,
Might take a few tries but I’m sure I’ll get the hang of the new system ,
We might start a public street demonstration,
I see on the news that the U S is having a few ,
Another won’t hurt :innocent:


They have plans to put up something similar to the back fence. They announced it on this link.


I’ve heard that there will be, but no telling when.



Yes, “arid” is the right word, I think. It’s way too clean looking, seems to me.


There is no time limit that I can tell, but if you edit after a certain length of time, it becomes visible to all that the post has been edited (and how many times it has been edited) with the little pencil icon (and number) next to a post’s time stamp.

So on the post you edited, I can actually click on that pencil icon and it will show me what edits were made to the original post. That’s a pretty nice feature. It keeps us honest, I suppose.


The #casual-discussion category is live!

Go on and ban the person above you to your heart’s content! :smiley:

That brings to mind another question: Is there still a 1,000 post limit on threads? If not, some of those games could go on indefinitely without the need to add more threads.


I was wondering the same thing.


@cawebmaster Thank you for bringing it back.


I looked around on Discourse…seem many threads on many of their boards have a 10,000 post limit. Members were asking if it can be made larger. !!! The rationale by that high limit in the first place was that if you are on an older phone it would take forever to load, if at all.


:scream: That’s a lot of posts! But considering some of the game threads on the old CAF were in their 20th or 30th iterations, I suppose we will come to that point eventually. Yeah, I can imagine that would create loading issues!

I did figure out that we have a 3200 character limit per post (as opposed to the 6000 character limit at the old place). But we can post as many emoji as we like. No more are we bound by the rule of 8. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yes, a friend of mine found that out int he Philosophy forum…and told me about it. Should keep the cut and pasters at bay. :laughing:


They Have a 6000 character limit here too, I just posted something that was 6000.


That’s interesting. I just tried again with something greater than 3200 characters, but less that 6000 and it still wouldn’t let me post it:


I wonder if they are still adjusting the settings.


Go see my post# 19 .6d : Michael Voris & ‘Church Militant’ on Purgatory, it was 5774 in Sacred Scripture.


How odd. I went to that post, hit reply, hit “quote whole post”, and typed in a short “testing testing” to hit the 15 character minimum for a post. But it wouldn’t let me submit my reply because the character count was higher than 3200. confused

I wonder why that is. We are both at the same “Member” rank. :thinking:


Post that question, and show my post as an example, and see what they say.

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