No concupiscence? Then how can we relate to Jesus or Mary?


My 9 year old was caught up in sibling rivalry one day. When posed with the question, “Would Mary act that way?” she responded with, “Mary wasn’t able to sin; so that doesn’t count”. We talked about Jesus and Mary for awhile and she explained to me in a 9 year old way that she couldn’t relate to them any more because they were never even capable of sin. How do you respond to a child when she has begun to reason in this manner?


Dear Servant,

True, Jesus is God and cannot sin. But like Mary, Adam and Eve were created without original sin and they sinned big time!. Mary didn’t sin because she loved God so much–not because she couldn’t sin.

As for your daughter not being able to identify with Jesus and Mary because they didn’t sin, is that why she identifies with people–because of what’s wrong with them? Then she is different from most people. Most people identify with their heroes because of the GOOD things their heroes stand for!

No two people stand for more good, than Jesus and Mary!

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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