No confession the Saturday before Easter?


Is there not suppose to be confession the day before Easter? I went today because it was the first chance I had to go and after sitting there waiting the guy that works at the cathedral told us that there were not Priests there for confession. This just seems odd to me from what I have been told before.


Priests are very busy during Holy Week and in many cases there is no Confession during this time. That is why extra confession times typically precede Holy Week.


Some do, some don’t. It depends on the parish. You need to call around.


I asked my priest at Mass last Sunday if there would be confessions on Saturday. He said not during Holy Week. I told him I had missed the Lenten Penance service and he offered to hear my confession then and there.


I wondered the same, but we went a few weeks ago, but I wanted to go again before Easter. Our bulletin didn’t mention it–but I noticed they had confession every day last week (the week before holy week)


Not too uncommon around here.

All the local parishes share info about communal penance services leading up to Holy Week. There are no confessions at my parish the day before Easter.

I went last Saturday, and there were 2 priests hearing confessions before the Saturday 5pm Mass, rather than just one (as is usual on Saturday afternoon).


we had quadruple the regular hours for confession throughout each week of Lent, plus communal penance services last week, plus extra hours last weekend, most poorly attended, but an army of people banging on the door today for confession. Sorry no confessions during the Triduum (as was printed in the bulletin and outside the confessional for the last 6 weeks). Father’s time is occupied literally almost every moment of these 3 days preparing and carrying out the celebrations, with the catechumens, and with all those taking part in the various services.


Confession during Triduum isn’t forbidden. The reason is that priests are busy already. However, some churches have confession and some priests in other ones can be convinced (as in my parish). In my city, there’s a church where priests hear confessions from 6 am to 12 on Good Thursday and Saturday, while from 6 am to 5:30 pm (11.5 hours…) on Good Friday.


We had a penance service on Monday of Holy week and then 2 hours available on Good Friday and 3 hours available in Holy Saturday. I suppose it just depends on the parish.


Gee I wish our priests were so occupied. I had no time to even have lunch during the past week while our priests were hardly ever seen at all. Now my pastor is still recovering from surgery so I didn’t expect him to do much, but the other two were never seen. I did all the work preparing the liturgies. All they needed to do was write their homilies. It would have been nice to have some help. I even had to take over the altar server practice coz the priest didn’t even know what to tell them to do…he had to keep looking it up and it was taking forever and the kids were getting rowdy. They even balked at meeting with the music director to go over their music, which one of them botched up something big and then blamed the director.


I ran into this last year and remembered this year.
Though we had longer confession time the Satuday before Palm Sunday as that was the last chance before Easter


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