No Congratulations for us!


My wife and I have had two children in the last two years, 364 days apart, a boy and then a girl; they are both precious gifts from God. My wife and I are 32 years old.
We just found out that we’re pregnant again and NOBODY we know and no one with whom I work (I’m a teacher) has congratulated us, no one! We’ve heard, “you’re crazy” and “oh my God!” and “oh, Scott, oh my goodness.” and so many other snide remarks. I come from a family with a long line of only-children. I grew up with no brothers and sisters in a family with two parents who had no siblings. My wife and I became orthodox Roman Catholics five years ago and have strictly followed the faith of the Church. Three kids in three years we have had and each pregnancy is such an act of grace, such a gift from Christ Himself, in our view. It seems like everyone we know and everyone at my work and the parents in my classroom think we’re nuts! Is the Devil at work in the public’s mind or what!? Fertility and life is considered gross and obtrusive now, an obstacle to a fancy career instead of the grace of God. With our first two kids we received praise and congrats, number three is another story. We don’t care what other people say; we are THRILLED, but it saddens my heart to see America turning so pagan in its view of pregnancy and infants.



We had a baby in late 2003, another in early 2005, and another 3 months ago. The majority of the people we told (family included!) told us how crazy we were, and how our lives were going to be too stressful to manage. So I feel for you, and there is no way I’m going to let you guys not have some one celebrating with you!!

Congrats again!!! :stuck_out_tongue:


Well I say a big


I had the same reaction, when I had no.s 3 and 4! (I had 4 children under 5 years)
Everyone thought it was their business to comment!
They truly were the BEST gifts God had given me. I love them to bits!
Do not concern yourself with what such shallow people may think. They think having a baby is THEIR right when they want one and THEIR choice when they dont.
We know they are the most beautiful precious gifts from above.
God has truly blessed you. I am so happy for you both!


By the way, you will get plenty of congratulations from the people on here!


Dr. Ray Guyrandi says there are only 3 sins our present society recognizes:

  1. smoking
  2. spanking
  3. having more than 2 children:thumbsup:

Congratulations and God bless!


Congratulations on your third blessing from Heaven!

They say three is much harder than two, but four is easier than three, so once # 3 is here, here’s hoping for # 4!

Pray for the poor souls who live their lives without God. They are lonely now, and always will be.


Well, Scott, in case the above posters haven’t made it clear to you:


Yes, the devil is definitely at work in the attitudes you see in U.S. society–and, by the way, not only in U.S. society, the whole of Western society. We are committing suicide.

I have been a teacher, both secondary and primary school, nearly all of my adult working life so I know what a teacher’s salary is :wink: , but I’m not going to praise you for your “courage” to do this on the salary you get because that to me represents a distorted view of life as you say. A good salary and material comforts are the most important things to most people.

YOU and YOUR WIFE are the people who have your heads on straight!

That’s what you get the congrats for. God bless you and your family. Take refuge in your wife and your children and together with them build an impregnable fortress of faith, love and unity against the outside world.

That’s your vocation my friend. God bless you BIG TIME!


Congratulations!!! Woo Hoo!!!

I always tell my homeschooling friends first, so I can get that high five!! My family and my husband’s workmates give us sympathy :rolleyes: . Actually, my MIL gives “Hell.”

I hope I get a chance again to get either reaction.


What a beautiful attitude you and your wife have for your little blessings! Your family is truly blessed. Yes it is a sad statement on society when those of us living our faith the way the Church mandates get nothing but grief for those choices. We are seen as being irresponsible and actually selfish. When I was pregnant with my 4th (he is just 5 weeks) not only did I get the looks of “you gotta be crazy” but my all time favorite is “you are trying for that girl I see” since we have 3 boys- this was always said when they were around too. But God saw to bless us with boy #4 and now I hear will you try again? Oh well, I am blessed with a house full of noise and rambunctiousness! I wouldn’t trade it though. God bless your wife in these next few months and God bless your wonderful family. Keep us posted! :slight_smile:



And Thank you for being open to Life.

God Bless



My mom had 4 under the age of 5, and another later. Not only is it good growing up to have siblings, it is GREAT to have them as adults - permanent friends, you know - but so much more than friends.


Many blessings on the newest addition to your family!

I would have loved to have had more children! You-all go out and be just as fruitful as you desire!!! God will reward you!


Congratulations and welcome to the Forum!


:dancing: Congratulations! :dancing:

Thank you for helping to populate Heaven :slight_smile:


Congratulations!!! You are blessed both in your children and your love for them!

I’ve heard that the difference between two and three children is that you now move from man-to-man defense to zone! :wink:




I think it’s absolutely wonderful!! I’m sorry that those closest to you make such rude comments. It is an unfortunate state of our society that big families are the object of scorn.

Enjoy your wonderful gifts from God!

God bless you all




only 3.:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:



[size=5]“Behold, children are a blessing from the LORD.”[/size]



Now to be fair, with our 3rd, we didn’t get much flak. One Catholic friend made a joke about going from man-to-man defense to zone, but that was in good humor. I even had a non-Catholic relative and typical busybody say we should make it an even four.



:dancing: :clapping: :dancing: CONGRATULATIONS!!!:clapping: :dancing: :clapping:

And THANK YOU for adding another soul to our world to praise God!
We ‘only’ have 3 so far too, but hope to adopt some more. :smiley:
Aren’t kids GREAT?!?!? What blessings!

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